[Discover] Remove Suggestions from Discover Page

Please note: Discovery is only in the rollout phase, so if you don't have it yet don't panic! It will come your way at some point in the future. 


This idea leads on from the inital discussion on this idea



In the current discovery tab, there is no way to remove recommended content you don't like, or need to see a second time. 



Similar to this idea about being able to blacklist artist/albums/tracks, there should be a simple "x" button on each suggestion in the discovery tab with an option to remove this recommendation. 


Want to remove an artist entirely from Discover? That idea has been suggested here. 


Again, the app gives you the ability to remove recommendations, simply by pressing the "x" symbol on the image:

lastfm remove.png



Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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The Discover feed has been recommending me the same bands that I don't want to hear for as long as I can remember. I have no idea how it comes up with the "Suggested for you based on ____" or "Similar to ____", but they stay exactly the same for months at a time. I scroll through the feed and see the same things over and over and over and I wish that the Discover feed would discover what all in there I'm not playing and figure that into its recommendations. In the absence of a dedicated "Remove this and don't use it for recommendations" button, then it would be nice if the recommendations also took into account what you're not listening to in the Discover feed.


"OK, for the past 18 months we've been recommending that this guy listen to some ambient garbage where the guy is pushing down all of the keys on his keyboard for 30 minutes at a time and we know that it never, ever gets played. Let's take this one out."


How has this not been implemented.  


Because I listen to piano/strings/etc. playlists while working, doesn't mean I want "Cello Concerto, Op. 85 in E Minor" suggested to me in my weekly discover.  


All you have to do is "exclude playlist from weekly discover".  It can't be that difficult. 

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Oh this drives me bananas. I listen to one band a lot when it's time for my kid to go to sleep and is having trouble doing it, but the band appears to be pranksters and all of their related artists are these ridiculous dance DJs who drop the bass and sound nothing like them.


However, since I listened to a band that mixes chill guitar with NASA radio transimissions that helps my kid go to sleep, for months Spotify has been recommending that I should listen to "I Need You feat. Amanda Wilson (East Freaks Remix)" by Kalwi & Remi. These are not nearly the same things.


I think that it would be nice if the Discover feed could analyze some metrics such as "It appears this user has never listened to this recommendation that we have been pushing for 900 months. Perhaps the user is not interested in this recommendation and we should replace it with something else."


edit: I didn't realize that I'd already added a comment to this thread back in November. Oops. 


+1 to this idea. Discovery is recommending songs that are in full spanish and I can't even speak spanish! It started after I listened to the song Bailando by Enrique Iglesias ft. Sean Paul a few times. The song Bailando so some spanish verses mixed into the hook, etc, but now I'm getting horrible recommendations. 


Why hasn't spotify adressed this issue yet?
I got a feeling that they don't listen to their customers.

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Some songs on Discover Weekly are just so embarrassing.


Today I got recommended a song (in Norwegian) about going to the "club" and having **bleep** with women that were high on roofies, and I can't remove this piece of literal filth? What the _ACTUAL_ **bleep**?


Yeah, all my playlists have a "recommended songs" section at the bottom but if they recommend a song I don't like there is no way to ask them to stop recommending it. I hit the refresh button so it brings 10 "new" songs it recommends but frequently they are the same songs over and over and I don't like them. Can't we get a thumbs down of some kind for songs in the recommended songs section so that particular song stops being recommended everytime I hit refresh?

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Why is this not a thing yet? Spotify's auto-curated lists like Discover and Release Radar have played me some absolutely awful stuff I never ever want to hear again (including some very nasty violent-lyric rap-type stuff, yet apparently I can't block this... what if I had children who used Spotify? I wouldn't want them to hear it) but there's no way to tell them this. 


 the problem I am having is that I am playing a playlist of mine and it keeps playing music from recommended songs rather than the playlist that I'm trying to play from......  dumb


Ugh, the frustration is real. 


My discover weekly somehow has been sneaking in more and more foreign language songs over the last few weeks. The genre is obviously similar, so I can see how they made it into the lists, but it feels like Spotify is taking money to promote these bands on the sly.


I, like other commenters, feel that Spotify doesn't listen to its customers - to implement this would be relatively simple, especially as Spotify tout their incredible development ability. How about they prove it?