[Discover] Remove Suggestions from Discover Page

Please note: Discovery is only in the rollout phase, so if you don't have it yet don't panic! It will come your way at some point in the future. 


This idea leads on from the inital discussion on this idea



In the current discovery tab, there is no way to remove recommended content you don't like, or need to see a second time. 



Similar to this idea about being able to blacklist artist/albums/tracks, there should be a simple "x" button on each suggestion in the discovery tab with an option to remove this recommendation. 


Want to remove an artist entirely from Discover? That idea has been suggested here. 


Again, the app gives you the ability to remove recommendations, simply by pressing the "x" symbol on the image:

lastfm remove.png



Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Casual Listener

How about removing specific languages? I keep getting songs in Russian which I don't like and won't ever listen to in the discovery panel that I would like to not show up in my queue.

Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2017-03-08

Hey everyone, we are updating this idea to have the status 'Not Right Now'. This isn't currently something we're focusing on but of course we'll let know if this changes. Please continue to leave your votes and feedback here as we're actively bringing to the appropriate teams. Thanks!


Really Spotify? "Not Right Now?" What's more important than being able to customize your listening profile for recommendations by excluding music you don't like? Almost EVERY other music service offers this. This should be #1 on your priority development list.


Apparently many users are pis**** with the discovery page too. My daughter will use my computer once every two weeks or so to access Spotify.  Now, I am swamped with recommendations about Drake, Rihanna, Lady Gaga etc...I normally listen to Jazz or Metal Rock...How on Earth can I get rid of Drake, Ed Sheeran etc...


And another thing...I don't need Spotify to hear songs on the TOP40...Thousands of FM Radios are already playing those songs. (BEURK!) I WANT TO HEAR ORIGINAL STUFF...NOT MAINSTREAM ARTISTS...THAT! would please me....Just sayin'

Casual Listener

I had some fun with friends who were visiting me and we were checking out the music they like... Heavy metal stuff, which I'd never listen to in normal conditions. Now every now and then Spotify suggests me this music among my chill vibes and this drives me nuts.
How the **bleep** am I supposed to get rid of Motorhead in the suggestions?!
Not Right Now! Suffer yaaaaaaaaaaaa vzhzhzhzhzhzhzzhhz


Because you recommend an artist, I listen. Then I realize I don't like this artist.  Then you say, "Because you listened to this artist, we recommend other similar artists.  So I listen.  I realize I like some of them, but there are many I really don't like at all.  Then you say "Because you listened to the other artists we recommended, we recommend these similar artists.

As time goes on, your recommendations slowly become meaningless, because they are based on artists you recommended simply because I LISTENED.  Listening to an artist does NOT mean I like them.

I'm certain you are smart enough to craft a much better method that will make your recommendations meaningful.  I look forward to that day.  Thanks for listening.  



I support this. Mostly because someone hacked my account and listened to music I hate and now every time I log into my account I’m reminded of the dreadfulness this person did when I see those recommendations that have nothing to do with my taste. So please, Spotify, make this a thing!


My recommended lists are incredibly stall... when does it change?

Didnt there used to be a way to refresh recommendations?


I agree this needs to be implemented immediately. I, like many others, am tired of being served up recommendations that have nothing to do with my tastes. I don't care about the latest "pop hits", what Kim Kardashian is listening to, or whoever has paid the most money to get their album on the front of the page. It has consistently been a poor showing since I subscribed years ago. It feels similar to misdirected advertising or Facebook serving up whatever is supposed to be most influential fake news someone has paid for me to see. 


I only recall one time when an album was shown that I listened to and liked out of the hundeds, if not thousands, of recommendations. In a time when marketing can serve clients with one-to-one tailored experiences based on behavior and preferences, that the most popular music application can't keep up with small companies with basic marketing automation displays that not enough assets are being directed into R&D and you stand to fall behind competition if you don't act.