[Discover] Remove Suggestions from Discover Page

Please note: Discovery is only in the rollout phase, so if you don't have it yet don't panic! It will come your way at some point in the future. 


This idea leads on from the inital discussion on this idea



In the current discovery tab, there is no way to remove recommended content you don't like, or need to see a second time. 



Similar to this idea about being able to blacklist artist/albums/tracks, there should be a simple "x" button on each suggestion in the discovery tab with an option to remove this recommendation. 


Want to remove an artist entirely from Discover? That idea has been suggested here. 


Again, the Last.fm app gives you the ability to remove recommendations, simply by pressing the "x" symbol on the image:

lastfm remove.png



Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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I agree with IronDrew's point #7.  My "Discover" tab is filled with Metal and I get recommendation for things like Celion Dion and Tiffany because they were popular while I was in school or when I was a teenager.  I don't imagine much of anything that I listen to on there was very popular, so these recommendation are a waste of "real estate".  


I do like the Discover tab...I've discovered a number of bands through there in fact, but I'd like to be able to hide based on the type of recommendation.  I'll not be buying tickets to shows through there and I don't care much about what was popular when I was a (younger) kid, especially if it's about as opposite a genre as what I tend to listen to.


Was just scrolling through Discovery - I actually look at it every time I open the app because I actually have discovered a few bands I like through it.  However, I'm seeing recommendations for John Mayer and Britney Spears even though I don't listen to anything that remotely resembles top 40 radio BS.  And Kesha?!  It should be a f'ing crime to recommend Kesha to someone.  Lil' Wayne & Wizz Kalifa (sp?) WTF?  I NEVER listen to hiphop or rap yet these are recommended?  What drives these recommendations?  I also see one for Christina Aguilera because, you know, she was popular when I was in school or something.  I don't care.  I need a way to remove the garbage from this page.

I really enjoy Discovery and have found quite a few new artists by using it, but I desperately need a way to delete recommendations. The "so and so were popular when you were in high school" recommendations are the most annoying because I never listened to anything that was actually popular when I was in high school. I'm also getting recommendations based on tracks I've supposedly been listening to a lot lately, even though I've only listened to the song once at the most.
Casual Listener

Yes, get a "no" or "dismiss" function in there, quickly. I found the choices on my very first look somewhat interesting but after a point all recomendations became entirely irrelevant. This is pretty stupid to do with a "learning" system because then it doesn't really learn and I hate mere guesswork disguised as "recommendations".


I do not like the new discovery at all.  I agree there should at least be an option to allow users to delete recommendations.  I truly enjoyed the "What's New" and I see a lot of others did as well and don't understand why it's been dismissed byt the developers.


Some organization to the DIscovery page would be nice as well.  All of the suggestions are scattered about and it's hard to make sense of it all.  Can't there be columns "like you listened to this, try this" or "your friend listened to this, would you like to" .




I say yes to a "no thanks"-function! There must be a way to be able to remove recommendations. Right now they want me to listen to "Dirty Dancing".


I've been working with Spotify customer "support" via  twitter for almost 2 weeks now to stop a dude named Johnny Vo from showing up as the top result in discover every single day with "The Lovely Bad Things."  I'm to the point of wanting to just cancel my subscription because I'm sick of Johnny Vo and his lousy music showing up every time I boot my PC.


Turns out, after 2 weeks of "escalating" my twitter based support that I had followed a playlist he made something like 3 years ago and now I am doomed to be reccomended the same **bleep**ty band every single day forever.


Would it be so darn hard to give us an "X" with the pop up text "Would you like to stop this suggestion from showing up in the future?" or "Would you like to stop seeing suggestions from Johnny Vo?"


It sounds like a nothing issue, but Spotify boots with Windows and instead of seeing my wallpaper when I log in I see Johnny Vo and The Lovely Bad Things EVERY SINGLE DAY.  I'm paying for Spotify, so I would assume that some customer support and some options would be available.  I'd love to just save all my playlists, uninstall, unsubscribe, and start over with a new account I'm so sick of the discover page.  Most of this frustration is coming straight from it being such a small thorn in my side that Spotify is completely unable to remove.  


The lack of customer service is hilarious too.  Twitter the only way to reach anyone and only during UK business hours?  Great!  I work nights, so I get to log in, take a bunch of screen shots, DM them to spotify via twitter every day, and then go about my business.  Waste of time and the service is quickly becomming a waste of money.


My kids use my account to listen to...whatever...and now I get a screen full of that stuff when I start Spotify. Please, give me the option to remove this stuff from Discover.


This totally needs to happen NOW!!!  Instead of broadening horizons, the lack of an ability to delete recommendations on Discover punishes the ecclectic listeners by continually thrusting unwanted suggestions upon your customers.  Last week I played a track by Imagine Dragons (besides Radioactive) and now I've got the offensive image of Icona Pop being shoved down my throat on Discover.  From Mormon to Whoremon.  Really?!?  It was so bad before with their whorrible ads that I went Premium, but I'm still being whorribly solicited.  If you're going to pimp it, allow us the right to say no, especially without continually dragging us to that streetcorner.  And, btw, I'm still not over that David Guetta radio station garbage either!  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give us the right to delete recommendations on Discover.  Otherwise, your awesome work with Discover will simply go unused at best and no longer paid for at worst.


First off, 


Spotify, you are amazing, and I love you more than words can say.  And when I can afford to both pay for premium and feed my kids, I will be doing so for sure!  For now my kids get to starve!!! ( JK >:D )


I'd also like to mention how much I LOOOVE the discover tool!


It is so nice to be able to simply continue to scroll down and find more and more music that you had no idea existed until this moment!  Until this tool came around, I apparently had a VERY limited range and library of music!  


Recently however, things have gone bad.  And when I say bad, I mean Barney, Blues Clues, Muppets, Sesame Street, Wiggles, and 1000 other Terrifying Rainbow Clownlike Creepy Artists Smiling with their horrifying I LOVE YOU smiles!


Apparently since I had put together a Caspar Babypants playlist for my kids to dance to on occasion, this translated into me being a little people loving creepo who only listens to the gruesome types of artists and groups listed above.  With 90% of my recommendations being childrens music, and being that I can only click a thumbs down on SOOO MANY of the recommendations without seeing so much as a hint of the downward thumb buttons making a difference in what is suggested to me.  


I am seeing cases where things I clicked the downward thumb and 10 minutes later after the list is refreshed, the downward thumb was reset.  I also see cases where recommendations are added to the list that already have downward thumbs on them!  WTF!!!


I am not even joking when I say, My Discover Tab is in desperate need of an exorcism!!!


If anyone out there has a heart and soul then please hear me now, before my sanity breaks down and I am commited to the no spotify allowed Psych Ward!  


I ask for 3 things:


1. Be able to reset spotify history to allow the discover tab to restart on it's currently failed quest to bring me Awesome Music


2. Be able to Thumbs Down a particular artist, album, or song, and have that Suggestion taken out back behind the discover tab and thoroughly beaten, then sent into a desert, never again to return to my recommendations


3. Be able to influence the Recommendations more effectively with my thumbs up, thumbs down, or even by looking at the trend in my starred folder.  This will hopefully allow me to stop trying to influence the Recommendations through intimidation, bribery, and at one point even pity... (Don't Judge)


Anyone out there with a heart, a kudos, or a cross, please save my poor grown up soul from these bloodcurdling, abhorrent, macabre, children themed Suggestions!!!