[Discover] Remove Suggestions from Discover Page

Please note: Discovery is only in the rollout phase, so if you don't have it yet don't panic! It will come your way at some point in the future. 


This idea leads on from the inital discussion on this idea



In the current discovery tab, there is no way to remove recommended content you don't like, or need to see a second time. 



Similar to this idea about being able to blacklist artist/albums/tracks, there should be a simple "x" button on each suggestion in the discovery tab with an option to remove this recommendation. 


Want to remove an artist entirely from Discover? That idea has been suggested here. 


Again, the Last.fm app gives you the ability to remove recommendations, simply by pressing the "x" symbol on the image:

lastfm remove.png



Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Casual Listener

I'd echo almost all of the comments already here. I understand the point of the 'discover' tab, trying to drive new listening, introducing new bands, etc. and I like that idea. If it worked, it would certainly be better than the "What's new" tab, which almost always showed me nothing of interest.


But the problem is that my discovery tab is:



a) filled with "you listened to x, so you might like this" recommendations, where I haven't actually listened to band x in the first place (the result of some past issues with my profile, but seemingly unable to erase),


b) filled with "you haven't listened to x in a while, listen to track y now?" recommendations which can be interesting, but I would rather have these point me at an album, rather than individual tracks,


c) includes "you like band x, they're playing near you", and find out that 'near me' displays only the merest grasp of geographical proximity (please explain how you are deciding that something is near me - I've never been asked for my location within Spotify, if it's based on my IP you're basing it on my ISP not my actual location), and


d) includes "recommended for you" with absolutely no justification. I have Justin f*$&ing Bieber suggested to me. I'm offended by the very idea. Not only does this show how terrible your recommendation engine is, it makes me question if you're in any way tracking my listening.


So the only way to fix this (apart from you actually integrating the Last.fm recommendation engine, which has a much higher success rate than Spotify's currently has) is to at least allow us to remove recommendations that are inaccurate (or plain offensive!).  How else will you improve your recommendations if I can't tell you which ones are good, which ones are bad, and which ones are indifferent? The only data that can currently be pulled from me looking at the discover tab is where I've actually clicked on something. If I'm not bothered about a recommendation, it's the same as if I actively loathe the band/singer you've recommended. Which means you really aren't getting the data you need to improve my recommendations, and you won't until you provide a way of removing or down-rating bad recommendations.


This is my #1 irritation about Spotify. I would like and use a Discovery tool that allows me to refine it to my tastes. I already know that I do not like Katy Perry or Justin Timberlake, yet Discovery repeatedly recommends it with no way to remove them so that Spotify can "learn" my tastes. Sites like Amazon.com allow you to "train" their recommendation engine on what you like and what you do not. 


Another problem with Spotify's implementation is that a user could check out an artist once and then Spotify keeps recommending music like that even if you didn't like it. I like to play soothing "Spa Music" for my dog while I'm away for home but now 95% of the recommendations in Discovery are spa music. That's not what I am interested in listening to. I could also see this as an issue if families listen to Spotify at home. Little Johnny's music might be 180 degrees from what Mom's or Dad's tastes are but all of their Discovery recommendation would be mixed together.


Please make Recommendations editable or even better allow users to set up different Profiles to play (e.g. Me, Fido, Little Johnny, etc.).




PLEASE include the ability to reset discover. Not being able to change this makes spotify so much less useful. I see the same 4-5 artists from a month or more ago because I was on a particular album kick.

It really isn't allowing me to discover anything!



I'd say that Discover has improved from where it was - there's at least a "downthumb" option now.  However...


I downvote a recommendation, but next time I launch the client it's still there!  If I downvote something, I never want to see it again!


I'd like to be able to downvote an artist/genre - if a particular track is recommended then rejected then other tracks by the same artist still get through.


The whole "trending in your area" thing is awful - firstly "my area" appears to be 40 miles from where I actually live.  Secondly, why would I be interested in something purely because other people living nearby like it.  It's hardly a decent source of demographics - if most Spotify users nearby are 11 year old girls then I'm going to get swaped with Bieber/1D/Rihanna etc - in fact this is mostly what happens.  However I have *never* seen anything in the "trending" boxes that I'd want to listen to.  Ever.


So please...please...please...


Give us the option to filter out specific artists or genres and give us an opt-out of the "trending stuff!!

Music Fan

Alternatively: maybe it's an idea to get suggestions based only upon a top 10 list of you most played artists? That would exclude sugestions from artists you accidently listened to.


Please? I am so tired of the same recommendations for the same stuff I don't want to listen to. 


Bumping this up. Discover can be such a great tool but there's so much crap there that I'd tried and don't like, or don't care to see (i.e. when a band is playing near me) that I find myself using it less and less. If I could delete things that aren't relevant to me and prevent certain cards from showing up it would be immensely better.


I like the idea of Discover to give you suggestions  based on things you may have searched for or listened to but like others are saying, it is overwhelming with oddball things I really don't want to see and there isn;t any control of this. For instance, in December I pulled together a Christmas list of songs we like.  Now I'm getting suggestions for all kinds of Christmas tunes/albums/artists and I simply won;t bite until next December when I'll be in the mood for Christmas tunes again.  So I really don't want any of those suggestions in my face for now.  


A possible variant on the 'completely reset discovery' idea would be to reset it sort of like some browsers let you clear history.  Browsers let you clear what was done last hour, or today, or this week or this month or all time; a Spotify Discover clear could be something more like clear everything PRIOR to today, PRIOR to last week, PRIOR to last month, or everything.  This way, the user could still allow Discovery to have some of his/her more recent activity to go by in order to make more relevant suggestions  for new music but not things that have gotten "old" according to the user's definition of "old".


In any case, I definitely vote that more controls be given to the user to be able to tweak Discover more to their liking.


If I have to see Tailgate: College Football Versions Volume 2 by Colt Ford one more time in my recommendations I'm going to flip out. Please let me remove some recommendations in the Discover tab.

I agree, the lack of control over my suggestion 'feed' is nonsense. Is this part of the general trend of removing options from UI's in a misguided attempt to streamline them? Implementing this would be fairly straight forward.