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[Discover] Remove specific Artists from Discover Page

Status: Case Closed

One errant song pick and now my Discover page is contaminated with unwanted suggestions. Should be a way to tailor this page. Otherwise, I like Discover.

Updated on 2019-09-18

Hey Folks, 


Thanks for adding your support to this idea. 


After speaking to the relevant teams we've decided to close this idea. Whilst it's not possible to remove an artist directly from your Home page, there are several ways to give feedback to the app that you don't like certain Songs or Artists. 


- In your Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix playlists you can click the 'Hide' button and select either 'Don't play this song' or 'Don't play this artist'.


- You can head direct to an Artist Page, click the three dots and select 'Don't Play This'.


We hope this clears things up and thanks for visiting the Ideas Exchange. 



Thanks for submitting it, Sounds like a good idea to me 🙂




Seriously.  How a simple ban function hasn't already been created is beyond me, but if Discovery is replacing What's New, you absolutely have to let us at least designate what we want used for recommendations and what artists/songs we do not  like.  Maybe if I haven't listend to an artist it's because I don't want to.

Status changed to: New Idea


To make it clear this idea requests the option to "ban" an artist so he/she stops appearing in the personal discover recommendations.


If you just want to remove certain random recommendations, check out this idea here:


Thanks for submitting this.


Get this through!


, Elite.


Every moring the first thing I do at work is launch Spotify.   I despise the fact that I am then bombarded with recommendations for some "artists" (they are NOT musicians) who I would not give the time of day to, much less patronize what they produce.    I want to BAN them from anything to do with MY use of Spotify, because the L'il Wayne and Chris Browns of this world are not going to disappear from the scene soon enough for me.


I like this idea. I know that Discovery is supposed to adapt over time to our listening habits but it would be awesome if we could give it a helping hand occasionally.


Spotify NEEDS this! I still missing, so please add this! I don't care what people 'in my area' listened to, I just want the music that I want!


I play a lot of children music for my one year old daughter, but I don't want recommendation for that music. A remove/exclude from recommendation would be great. Maybe possiblity to exclude all songs in a playlist too.


There are sometimes I just go into one genre out of curiosity, I'd also like to ban this recommendations,.


Good idea, I like Bach but not all classical etc etc