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[Discover] Remove specific Artists from Discover Page

Status: Case Closed

One errant song pick and now my Discover page is contaminated with unwanted suggestions. Should be a way to tailor this page. Otherwise, I like Discover.

Updated on 2019-09-18

Hey Folks, 


Thanks for adding your support to this idea. 


After speaking to the relevant teams we've decided to close this idea. Whilst it's not possible to remove an artist directly from your Home page, there are several ways to give feedback to the app that you don't like certain Songs or Artists. 


- In your Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix playlists you can click the 'Hide' button and select either 'Don't play this song' or 'Don't play this artist'.


- You can head direct to an Artist Page, click the three dots and select 'Don't Play This'.


We hope this clears things up and thanks for visiting the Ideas Exchange. 



If you listened to a track but did not like it, then you do not recommendations based on having listened to it.


I usually like the music that gets picked based on the music I listen to, but I'm sick of seeing things like Drake's face cover my entire screen just because my friends listen to crappy music. I would prefer if all friend-based Discovery suggestions were removed completely, but this suggestion is good too.


Seriously. I liked the old discover page. I don't need to be told artists and songs I already know wtf. It's such a cluster**bleep** of a page. I found so many good artists when it was the other way...


this is a Great Idea because what might be popular around the area or with friends might not be something you like.


Please make this happen.  We need more control over our discover pages badly.  Especially because Spotify has no options or customer support.  There's no way tailor the experience to you and nobody there to fix anything you screwed up.


Please make it happen. My suggestion list has been flooded by unwanted artists since I played some christmas songs. Need to get rid of that 😕


What a great idea.  There are too many "one offs" on my discovery page that I'll never select.  Allow me the option of deselecting the artist.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

This is long overdue.

It should've been included from the start.

What social app doesn't have a means to opt out?

Spotify, evidently.

I am not quite sure what Spotify was trying to tell me by suggesting I listen to Limp Bizkit. Was I in need of an intervention or something? Well after this 'incident' I began to rethink my entire life; I changed jobs, moved to the country, grew my hair out, and am learning to play the sax.


I think Spotify's recommendations have saved me from a cold, dark, and douchebag life.


Thank you Spotify. You saved this lost soul.