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[Discover] Remove specific Artists from Discover Page

Status: Case Closed

One errant song pick and now my Discover page is contaminated with unwanted suggestions. Should be a way to tailor this page. Otherwise, I like Discover.

Updated on 2019-09-18

Hey Folks, 


Thanks for adding your support to this idea. 


After speaking to the relevant teams we've decided to close this idea. Whilst it's not possible to remove an artist directly from your Home page, there are several ways to give feedback to the app that you don't like certain Songs or Artists. 


- In your Discover Weekly, Release Radar and Daily Mix playlists you can click the 'Hide' button and select either 'Don't play this song' or 'Don't play this artist'.


- You can head direct to an Artist Page, click the three dots and select 'Don't Play This'.


We hope this clears things up and thanks for visiting the Ideas Exchange. 



I would also suggest the ability to remove genres--I listened to some stand up comedy and now my Discover screen is almost all stand up comedy, no music!


It would be cool to be able to customize exactly what genres I want and don't want and also set the frequency of songs from a particular genre (maybe from 0% - 100%). Imagine an equalizer with a bar for each genre, where you could add a genre and change how much of it you want shown in your Discover screen!


I was about to post something similar.  I've created a station based on Andrea Bocelli.  Songs from Il Divo and Pavoratti keep coming up and I keep hitting the "thumbs down" but I still get others.  It would be nice if there was a way to customize a playlist or radio station to EXCLUDE an artist.


Came on here to suggest (demand) the same thing. We need a "Never show me this again" button for the the Discover feed. It is unbelievable to me that this function is not already in. 95% of Spotifys recomendations are terrible, and discovering music i actually like would be much easier if the same awful suggestions weren't repeated over and over and over.

This function was already standard in Launchcast 10 - 15 years ago, so it should be easy enough to implement.

Again, a Discover feature is useless if you can't eliminate the junk you don't like, because your feed just fills up with repeated suggestions of music you already know you don't like. It just becomes a wall of rejected musical suggestions after a while, and without the option of eliminating suggestions/bands there is no way for the user to improve the situation.


8 out of the first 40 suggestions in my Discover page is Steve Miller Band. That's 20%. I really want this feature.


I am having the same issue with Discover just recently.  My page is seriously “contaminated” with artists/type of music I have never listened to.  I am not sure what has happened recently with that page.  The artists/music that I am not interested in all start with “Have you heard of..” or “Recommended for you”.  The artists/music I would be interested in start with “Since you listened to X, you might like…”  I really like the Discover feature, but now it is being flooded with mostly music I don’t listen to.  


Great idea!!!

I don´t know but today the bands in my discover tab are of genres I hate. Why do spotify fail in this way? They´re showing bands and music I´ve never listened to before because I hate them.


I'd like this system back, please and thank you.


Yes please! I *never* want Nickelback or U2, unless explicitly searched for.


I need this so badly right now! I completely avoid the discover page anymore simply because half (seriously, half) of all the "suggestions" are for this Binaural Beat Brainwave sublminal message crap. Even for **bleep** elargment, who knew? Sorry spotify, while not offended by the word, I do enjoy this at work and I do pay for a premium membership and thats not stuff I want to see (or have others at work see) on my discover page.



Please in the name of all that is holy make this happen.


Oh an also - Sounds of Nature. Make that go away.


Very, very, very good idea. I support it. :-))))