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[Discover] Thumbs up / down on Discover Page

Discover is great - I use it everyday, and find lots of great music through the Discover feature.  Great work!


That said, I would really like the ability to say whether I like or dislike something that was suggested through Discover.  There are some bands and albums that keep coming up that I don't like and don't ever want to see again.  Likewise, there are albums and artists suggesed to me that I really like, but already own the albums, have listened to them many times, etc, but would like the Discover engine to know it is suggesting the right music.


Thanks again for developing a great application, and for providing one of the greatest services on the internet!



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I would like a Meh button 🙂

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I wish I could give a hundred more kudos!!! =D


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this used to be a feature for some i believe? i used it and loved it, now I miss it, bring it back Spotify!


Even though I thumbed a lot of tracks it never seemed to make a difference as it kept suggesting music based on stuff I had listened to but didn't want recommendations based on. There needs to be some way to curate discover.


I don't know why they removed thumbs down from latest version. Discover is one of the more interesting feature of Spotify with lot of potential but if I don't like a certain artist I would prefer to not have those suggestion on discovery. I hope you will biring back the thumbs down and add more fetaures to discovery page.

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a up and down voting would be so great.


As further up said: Some things keep popping up in my suggestions that I really don't want to get suggested EVArrrr again or at least not in near future. It would enhance the experience so much if you could show spotify with up and down voting even more which songs you prefer and which not. 

It is really an easy and common system. I don't really get it why they don't have it in their programm...

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I would also like to add two things...


1. For Discover to NOT  to suggest bands already in my playlists (the ones I created I mean.) Clearly I already know their music and don't need a "you might like..."


2. A different set of suggestions every time I visit Discover...I feel like mine has been the same for the last 2 weeks...


There are a ton of suggestions I would dislike if I could. It gets really annoying sifting through 80% of the recommendations that I wouldn't even come close to liking. There are entire genres of music fed to me that I am not fond of.

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A million times yes. For about TEN DAYS now my Discover tab has been CRAMMED with Flashbulb suggestions. I listened to them once, and I didn't like them, but now I can't get the hell away from them. It's rendered my discovery tab USELESS.


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