[Discover Weekly] Exclude certain Languages

I love Spotify, but one thing is starting to drive me crazy!


I am from Finland and I understand two languages: Finnish and English. I never listen to swedish music, but still my Discover Weekly is plagued with swedish songs. Now they have started to appear on "new songs for you" -playlist also(don't know what it is called in english).


I really don't know how they get there. Maybe because my last name is Swedish? I have been skipping the swedish songs for ever now but it doesn't seem to have an effect on the algorythm which picks up the recommendations for me. 


Hopefully something can be done about it!






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I have now stopped using the discover weekly list, I have 70% Finnish music in my list this week and I never listen to Finnish music. 


Quite upset becouse it used to be a very good feature! 

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Sometimes when I listen to music in my own language, I see a lot of local music on the weekly discovery list. Should be an option when creating the list: Do not create lists with native language songs.


I often get songs in other languages in the discover weekly playlist which I would like to remove.

It would great if there was an option to customise the song languages in this playlist or at least remove the songs we don't want there.



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Seems like this is a topic Spotify really should address!

I just counted there were 11 swedish songs in my Discover Weekly. 11/30 renders the playlist pretty much unlistenable. 😕

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Also make sure this is not extended to artist level. It has to be on song level since there are artists where I love the 2 songs they sing in English but never want to hear the other 93 in French for example.

How asking why a song was "downvoted" so we can give more input as to why we dislike a song?

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I have the exact same problem! I had two swedish songs and the it just exploded like I only want to listen to swedish... I think a language should be just another gategory you can choose for yourself.

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I agree I have the same exact (but opposite) experience!
I pay with a Finnish credit card hence Spotify thinks I must like Finnish music which is most definitely not the case! I want to listen to and choose from which language & country I explore through browse & discover weekly selections I see and get served to me.


e.g. in "Browse" I got "#vainsuomenhitit" - Which is most definitely something I do not want to see as I don't care about the music hits in Finland. (Even though I love the country and want to live here all my life.. 🙂 )


I don't want any Finnish recommendations here. - Let me select the language(s).I don't want any Finnish recommendations here. - Let me select the language(s). 


I receive Dutch songs, al language which I have absolutely no connection to.
My account was hacked once I a am afraid that it might have been hacked again, but I cannot see proof for that.


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Pleasant surprise this monday! Not a single swedish/russian/polish song in my weekly recommendations.

Have they done something about it or is it just fortunate exception, I do not know. But the listening experience did improve over 9000 %.