[Discover Weekly] Refresh on Demand

I find that I blaze through the songs in the Discover Weekly playlist pretty quickly, and it becomes a bit dry after a while. Why not allow the user to refresh the playlist on demand? That way we don't need to wait for a whole new playlist.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Yes please! I like the concept of a weekly playlist, but I go through mine so quickly that I really want a way to get a new playlist of awesome stuff.


I came here with a similar suggestion! I think this is a great idea. 


 Would love to have an option like this!

For me it doesn't have to be on demand though, if it would update over night you would already make me very happy!


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Ooh, yes, the idea of "Discover Daily" is very appealing to me...


I agree to this! I enjoy the music that they give us weekly and i mark the ones that interest me the most. But i would love the option to refresh for a new playlist and start listening to new songs. I already have my favorite bands listed up in my playlists. So being able to hear new bands that i've never heard before based on the genre of music i have listed would be fantastic!! Please make this happen. I want to discover more of this amazing music your "Discover Weekly" provides. Its way better then Pandora that just throws you random not related music you dont enjoy. 


Hi All!


I was directed here by the Spotify Cares Twitter account after tweeting about a similar idea, which leads me to believe it's something that's probably on their radar 🙂 I mentioned that I would even consider paying for an additional subscription to get a daily playlist instead of weekly. I work long hours and many of them are spent on the computer, so I am constantly listening to music and find myself going through the Discover playlist before 2:00 on Monday most weeks. I love that the playlist is specific to me and caters to my music interest, I just wish I could get more of it!


Daily Discovery is a great idea !

I've been introduced to some stunning music by the discovery service, but just recently I noticed my choices have remained very much the same for what feels like weeks !

Also, it would be useful to be able to change the genre of the spotify sugestions at will. 

Many thanks


I want this feature.  And I know Spotify will implement it very soon.


I'm dying for this feature!! I finish my discovery playlist in half day and the whole week i keep waiting for it to be updated! Please Spotify Add this feature.