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Display Album Art Cover in car over bluetooth

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Hi All


I've realized that Album Art Cover is not being displayed on my vehicle's headunit.


Song name, Artist, Album, and track length is being displayed perfectly, however the Album Art is not displayed.

Please see attached photo of example


My vehicle in question is a 2018 Volkswagen Polo 1.0 TSI. 

I'm lead to believe that many vehicles use the same format to display in-car album art over bluetooth.

Note this is not Android Auto or Apple CarPlay.


I think implemeting this feature would really be a wow-factor to Spotify, and make the product evermore premium above all else




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Same here: 

I use Spotify on Samsung Galaxy S10, connected to on my car's (Kia Sportage) multimedia via bluetooth.
I cannot see album cover of the song that I'm listening.
My son, with an Iphone X connected with bluetooth to my car with Spotify has the cover shown on the car display and I would like to have that feature too.
Why  this is not an option for Android?


I have the same in my Golf VII ! But when i connect my iPhone with a cable, the Album Art is shown!? Please send also the Album Art over Bluetooth, thanks an advance 😉


I would like this to be implemented. I think it's metadata thing, maybe spotify should set the cover metadata in other format.


Cover art/Album art can not be transferred over Bluetooth unless both your phone/tablet device and the car stereo you are listening to is using the Bluetooth profile: AVRCP 1.6. The newer car stereos and phones tend have access to this option. In many cases your phone might have the option to use AVRCP 1.6 only after you have enabled the hidden developer options, then you may see Bluetooth AVRCP selection options in the networking tab.

See this:

AVRCP 1.4 — all of 1.3 plus media browsing capabilities for multiple media players

  • Browsing and manipulation of multiple players
  • Browsing of media metadata per media player, including a "Now Playing" list
  • Basic search capabilities
  • Support for Absolute volume

AVRCP 1.5 — all of 1.4 plus specification corrections and clarifications to absolute volume control, browsing and other features


AVRCP 1.6 — all of 1.5 plus browsing data and track information[5]

  • Number of items that are in a folder without downloading the list
  • Support for transmitting cover arts through the BIP over OBEX protocol.

It seems this is out of Spotify's hands unfortunately.



Enabled AVRCP 1.6 on my Samsung Galaxy S10 but still cannot see:

1. album art.

2. songs' progress bar.

If anyone succeeded showing album art and progress bar on Samsung or Android devices, please share the steps.

With Iphone it is possible. With android devices it is not.

I am calling Spotify Support to step in and replay if this is possible or not.

I am also calling all Android users to support this basic request.

As a premium user I request this issue to be resolved.


Shay Salomon   


Oh that's unfortunate. My Android phone only has the AVRCP 1.4 option available so i'm unable to test.


It's true this feature tends to work for iPhone users in most but not all cases, so there is some discrepancy.


How about trying this: 

Load up Google play music app on your phone and see if that manages to transfer the cover art over to your car stereo. Then we can see if it is just a fault in Spotify's app design?


This does not happen with iOS

Why leave such a large part of the community without this feature?


This has to do with the Album art resolution.

I've posted a similar idea back in 2017


Strange thing is that with iOS the cover is displayed but on Android/Samsung it ain't