Display Tempo and Key

This is really helpful for DJs on the Spotify desktop app.


Instead of taking up screen space for all users, you could make it an option in preferences to toggle the display of tempo (bpm) and the key (root note) of all songs.  Additionally, you could provide the Camelot notation for even easier use by DJs or anyone interested.  The features provided by Djay 2 are nice but constraining.


It wouldn't be too hard implement (key and tempo can already be retrieved with an Echo Nest API call) and a great feature.




Artist Name: Kanye West

Title: All of the Lights

Tempo: 142

Key: Db


- Jake


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i can understand you and please vote for this idea (for bpm only) and for this idea (more metadata).




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Similar ideas, yes, but... The first only suggests a tempo category.  The latter is vague, suggesting Spotify to, "Just implement some options for us to choose from (e.g. year, genre, etc.)."  Furthermore, with 8 pages of comments all pertaining to various features on a post almost three years old, it's next to impossible to get recognition for a valid suggestion.


At the least, "Key" should be added to the Sort Your Playlist App.  It's available in the exact same Echo Nest API JSON object thats stores tempo.