Don't support political Causes

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Please refrain from turning Spotify, a music service after all, into a political platform advancing arbitrary causes.  When I search for political news or commentaries, I have different sources that do the job much better and do not masquerade as ice cream parlors.

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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i agree. Getting out of control with all these liberal companies trying to convince us of their point of view. stick to music.


Why did Spotify choose Mic, an extremely biased "news" source for political commentary on Spotify? I go to a concert to hear music, not the musician's political rants. It is highly inappropriate. So why now when I try to listen to music on Spotify I have to hear extremely one-sided coverage of political issues? And now this Clarify playlist is on the top feed? Spotify would do well to take note of Chik-fil-a and other companies that mixed politics and business. I do not find this appropriate and I will be deactivating my account and using a competitor service.


I think we are all aware no matter your political affiliation that spotifiy in the "we the people" section is extremly biased to the political left. Why don't you ask Toby Keith to come talk about terrorism? Why not Lynyrd Skynrd or Kid Rock or Tracie Atkins come on for an interview? 


Music is  the one escape we have from the political unrest and to see Spotify glorifying the #BLM movement has me seriously re-thinking my membership.  I don't care what side of the ticket the powers that be of Spotify are...don't bring politics here! Support them privately all you want, but don't push your political agenda on those of us who think differently and pay for this service. I can & will take my $$ elsewhere.


I agree with these comments also it seems all the podcasts for news, playlists etc are all extreme liberal. Hateful at that. Theres only one Christian podcast Joyce Meyer that I listen to daily or I would have cancelled already most likely. Really enjoy spotify and tell others how I do seems im going to have to do some research for different services because I feel spotify is trying to push one sided politics on users.  


I will probably never pay these people as long as they stay so grossly and obviously biased. Their support on their home page for black lives matter and black power are discusting. Would they ever make a white power playlist? Even if you don't fix this problem atleast talk to us about it, you seem to have no problem sharing your opinions. Thank you please respond.


I guess politics should be separated from everything, but we don't live in that perfect world.


Its blacklivesmatter, cop hating, and reverse racism season again and look what music company still refuses to even speak to its own concerned customers


Black Lives Matter! If the police officers in question would quit going on power trips and killing the innocent there would be no need for resistance. Keep it up Spotify! #BlackLivesMatter #FightThePower


Posting pictures of Obama, Clinton or Trump is a no no! Naming music groups after political causes is also a no no. If an individual creates a playlist with a political leaning that is their personal view. Don't try to propaganda your subscribers.