Don't support political Causes

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Please refrain from turning Spotify, a music service after all, into a political platform advancing arbitrary causes.  When I search for political news or commentaries, I have different sources that do the job much better and do not masquerade as ice cream parlors.

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This, all the way. And the reason I won't pick up a Spotify membership. Keep your political bull**** out of my feed.


Spotify is doing itself a disservice by supporting certain political beliefs. I know the company wants to be "trendsetting", but forcing customers to believe a particular viewpoint by creating playlists for such a topic is illogical and most definitely loses customers. I have several friends who canceled their premium memberships solely because of these horrendous political playlists. Let's use some examples. I have no problem with the company creating a playlist to honor Prince seeing as he passed away recently. But the issue lies with the creation of playlists like the "We Will Overcome" playlist. Trying to compare the current state of American politics and the Civil Rights Movments is comical. My advice to Spotify is to keep their head out of the political discussions. It is not their job to have an opinion on tempermental political issues, nor is it their duty to convice others of their opinion.  It's a lose-lose situation, but more than likely they will not alter it because they want to act "reverential". This false reverence creates unnecessary tension, which I believe could be easily rectified with the company curtailing all of their comments on hotbed political issues. 



I agree. Spotify... after being a member of "the other" online music station since it started, I have just logged out for the last time. I am disgusted that a company would take a political stance.  Spotify, please don't support anything.


Blacklivesmatter members have killed police officers in the name of the movement. There is absolutely no need for spotify to isolate its users who strongly disagree with these acts of terror.


They need to add some other albums that artist released from the past because chamce the rapper has 2 other albums and i would love to listen to more songs from them instead of just coloring book that was just released😒


What did spotify do that was political?


Black Lives Matter is a hate group that calls for killing cops. I doubt a similar group (KKK for example) would get a playlist to "support their message".


I recently wrote another letter concerning Spotify's new Anti-Cop playlist here:


In the letter, I included when police are allowed to shoot.... and you can shoot even if their hands are up!  Just because they say don't shoot, does NOT mean the police have to listen to them.  There might be some racist, police brutality, and other such cop crimes, BUT UNTIL THE NEWS TELLS STORIES UNBIASLY AND INCLUDING THE LAWS, I have no intention of participating in the anti-cop movement.... I would never anyway, because if this country had no police, this country would crumble from violence and gang activity.