Don't support political Causes

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Please refrain from turning Spotify, a music service after all, into a political platform advancing arbitrary causes.  When I search for political news or commentaries, I have different sources that do the job much better and do not masquerade as ice cream parlors.

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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AGREED! There's no reason why Spotify should be taking a political stand. Especially as it relates to the affairs of the American people. Having a channel named "I'm with the banned", while well intentioned is a misguided use of media and leads to more confusion surrounding the topic of national security. Just be the awesome source of music that you are and allow people, with their never ending myriad of life experiences and personal perspectives decide on their own how they should respond to these issues which effect all of us. Spotify's influence is not needed here, surrounding this topic. Unless of course, you plan to create and highlight a new channel named "I'm with the victims of muslim extremism" for those women abused, homosexuals tortured or innocent children killed - your bias is embarrassingly revealed.


 Agreed! +1


Yes please! Imagine the outrage if they had a “Build the Wall” playlist and nothing but Country music about illegal immigrants. Lol. Just stay out of politics Spotify. We get it. You’re liberal.  I’m a premium subscriber 


Perfect. A great example. 


I ended up canceling Spotify service.  Today I was looking for new music to listen to and I stumbled upon "I am with banned" recommendations list.  I do not know who runs Spotify, but I imagine it has to be a gathering of juvenile political activists.  Of course canceling the service means I will no longer be able to enjoy monumental symphonies written in XVIIIc by Yemeni composers, but I guess it is a price I am willing to pay.

My main motivation to pay for Spotify service was to support musicians and composers, so if you are reading it you have only Spotify to thank for the loss of my contributions.



Agreed friend! There are far to many other services out there today to keep subscribed to a company pushing their political agenda on their wide base of users. More people are upset about this but many are unwilling to take any action, I'm encouraging users to take action. This is NOT a forum for political ideology of any type.


Their has always been a tradition of US artists reaching overseas to countries who either don't get along with the US, or cannot come to the US. It can foster a spirit where people CAN work together. This is a good thing that can continue to be done as is proven by the collaboration known as "I'm With the Banned".

Know a great way to NOT work together? Start a playlist TITLED "I'm With the Banned" to suggest anyone NOT against the travel ban is in the wrong. No explanation. No discussion. No attempt at understanding. Just one-sided pontification and arrogance.

You might have have taken the politics out of this by calling the playlist something like "Let's Work Together", but I fear that would not have given Spotify the satisfaction of antagonising the other side. Very sad.

Please stop.


Excellent perspective on this topic Eric. Thank you for replying. Please let others know that we want Spotify to either remove this playlist and stay out of politics or be prepared to serve each segment of their customer population by equally supporting their political stance on various topics. 


Politics and music are as inseperable as America and racism. Keep up the good fight Spotify, these relevant playlists are triggering the bigots!

You sound so ignorant jblatter. How are we bigots?