Downloading Full Albums instead of just Playlists

It would be such a great feature to have if a user was able to download albums directly rather than adding an album to a playlist just to listen to it offline in its entirety. Rdio, MOG, and Rhapsody already do a marvelous job at implementing this feature as well as organizing a user's library of offline material. Any insight on whether this will be coming soon or not would be deeply appreciated.

Updated on 2018-06-15

As mentioned, this is already available on the Mobile Apps.

On Desktop any news about it will be shared here:



Wow people have been asking for this for 5 years and still no action on the desktop!!  That's impressive.


Well I've just upgraded to Premium and the first thing I want to do is download some albums. Then I find I can't do it on the desktop, and people have been asking for FIVE YEARS!


To quote Spotify on The Basics

"You can download up to 3,333 songs per device, on a maximum of 3 different devices. So, you can download music to your desktop, mobile, and tablet.

Note: You can download albums, playlists you follow, playlists you create, and podcasts."


I'd rather not mess about saving each album as a playlist first.


Come on Spotify, SORT THIS OUT!


Wondering this too. I can download albums on the phone apps but only playlists on desktop app. That makes no sense. And Spotify's last comment on this was one year ago. "We will update you when blah blah blah". Is there some legal reason for not being able to download on the desktop? How could that not apply to phone apps? This make zero sense and the slow response to the issue makes no sense either. 

Casual Listener

dear spotify


i have a lot of classical albums saved on my account. I prefer to use the desktop app rather than my tablet because the sound quality is better and i can filter the saved albums. for example i would filter on the word 'bach' to choose an album by bach. i cannot do this on playlists, which appear to the left of my screen in no particular order.


I have recently been told by my internet provider that i have used 80% of my 30Gb data allowance. It will cost me an extra £7.50 each month I go above my data allowance. The fact that I cannot save albums on my desktop will also presumably cost spotify more because they will have to pay the costs of streaming it to me.


if this problem is not rectified soon i will choose another provider.

Status changed to: Not Right Now

Updated on 2017-08-08

Hey everyone, we're back as this idea hasn't seen an update in a while. While this feature is currently available for users on iOS and Android, we don't have plans for this in the Desktop app at the moment. If we have timeline for making albums available offline in the Desktop app we will let you all know here. Thanks!


Please do impliment this as soon as you can. 


And by the way, your help guide already implies that this is possible, so I just spent a frustraing few minutes discovering that the help guide is wrong, and that you can only do this on mobile devices (which isn't mentioned in the help guide). 

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I am using the spotify app (version on ios (iphone) but I see no possibility to download whole albums. Same time I have only an icon   ||\   'my playlists' in the down right corner of the app and no icon like 'my library' there. Can you please kindly assist? I'd like to downlaod whole albums and have a 'music library' and not just 'playlists'. Thank you in advance.






I don't get it.  I am one of the many who believe in listening to music as the artist recorded it, not miessing with the order or content.  I.E. I do not use play lists.


I just moved over to Spotify from Groove but if I can't save a complete album for offline playback on my Windows 10 PC, your service will not be of any use to me.


This should not be a difficult thing as you already aloow it on the mobile platforms.


Been a Microsoft user (Zune/XBOX music/Groove ) for years and have always been able to download albums. Seems like with each migration to a new music program great features would be removed. Now that I have been forced to Spotify I am very sad to find I cant download albums and am also limited to amount of music that can be downloaded through playlist. So much for progress.


I had been using Microsoft Groove for a while and you could easily downloan albums to any of hyour devices.  All you had to do was selct the albums you wanted to download, do a sync and it would donwload everything at once.  When you added new sngs/albums to your libraty it would automatically sync those to your device if you set this option on.  Not that Spotify is taking Grooves customer, not having this option is making me look at other options.  Playlist are not the best idea.  When in location that does not have internet connections having your full library downloaded is a great feature.