Downloading Full Albums instead of just Playlists

It would be such a great feature to have if a user was able to download albums directly rather than adding an album to a playlist just to listen to it offline in its entirety. Rdio, MOG, and Rhapsody already do a marvelous job at implementing this feature as well as organizing a user's library of offline material. Any insight on whether this will be coming soon or not would be deeply appreciated.

Updated on 2018-06-15

As mentioned, this is already available on the Mobile Apps.

On Desktop any news about it will be shared here:



+1 to this, I moved back to because Spotify doesn't have this feature.  I'm really an "album listener" so would be super helpful to have my music organized this way as well.

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................. I cant believe I will have go back to Napster. Tell you what might make Spottify think - lets promote other services here that do a better job! Smiley Wink

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...although admittedly Napster support is beyond useless! I just dont want to have to eat that good ol' Humble Pie! Smiley Very Happy


Thank you for all the support that has been received for this idea. Spotify, until this feature has been added I will stay with MOG for now. It saddens me to have left Spotify, but this feature is just as important as playlist creation, which is why every other competitor of yours utilizes this feature.


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I just signed up for Spotify to test the waters as Rdio's design team has apparently gone insane. I'm shocked that working with full albums in Spotify is so cumbersome and anti-intuitive. I realize the thinking in our post-mp3 society is that the album is dead, but artists still make them! So I'd like to be able to download them to mobile, save to some sort of collection, and listen as the artist intended. Seems like a pretty glaring feature to be missing from the supposedly preeminent music app on the market. So here's my vote on this thread. Forgive my newness, but does Spotify staff really check these forums?

I've hoped this for a very long time!! I hope they implement this somehow. Like even just dragging it to the library on the desktop app. PLEASE. 


We really need this implemented. It's a nightmare with the current system.


Fully agree - am subscribed to both Rdio and Spotify and am having trouble pulling the plug on Rdio until I can download all my favorite albums organized by artist on Spotify, like I could do on Rdio.


Right now I'm on MOG and Spotify.  I was previously on Rdio.  The only two negatives for me with Spotify is the inability to download full albums, along with some gaps in the library.  On the plus side, I love the gapless playback and the ability to download to all devices, not just mobile.  My 30 days trial on Spotify is up in a couple of days and honestly, the lack of album downloads, which is at the heart of MOG, is the only reason I may not sick with the premium account.  


I just wish I could get my Spotify to work, it has stopped working and a new download  keeps throwing up Error 17, techi boys have offered help of solutions, but no joy, looks like the end of Spotify  for me, am I alone. ?.  Stuart.

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