Downloading Full Albums instead of just Playlists

It would be such a great feature to have if a user was able to download albums directly rather than adding an album to a playlist just to listen to it offline in its entirety. Rdio, MOG, and Rhapsody already do a marvelous job at implementing this feature as well as organizing a user's library of offline material. Any insight on whether this will be coming soon or not would be deeply appreciated.

Updated on 2018-06-15

As mentioned, this is already available on the Mobile Apps.

On Desktop any news about it will be shared here:


Yeah, I just tested Rhapsody again after 6 months. Spotify does everything better except that.
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We need this! Just tried rdio and their "add to collection" feature is exactly the way I've always wanted spotify to work. If rdio add gapless I'm off.

Yes, Rdio was the service I was using before I ever joined in on the Spotify craze. Both, Rdio and Rhapsody, have good features available for the mobile experience. Spotify Radio is already in the works which will help tremendously, but downloading full albums will give the impression of actually "owning" your music, rather than playlists--the modern day mix-tape.


Yeah I want this so badly. I just switched from Rdio to have access to a few albums that Rdio does not have but if this feature does not get added soon I'm definitely switching back. 


Agreed. I listen 99% of my music as complete albums and the lack of some kind of "Offline library" is my biggest gripe with Spotify ATM.

I have tried making playlists by genre, by artist and something in between, but the iPad's own iTunes-interface is so much more intuitive when looking for certain album by a certain artist.


Even sorting your offline playlists by artist (or genre, or whatever) would be a start (and yes, you can do this manually ATM, but there is no way I'm going to sort 400+ songs one by one on a touch screen).


i agree with this, ive actually been researching other streaming platforms to find something better. a collection tab or better artists/ album sorting is needed. i HATE having to make a playlist of an album then go all the way to the bottom of my playists to find the playist, rename it to take out the artist name, and then drag it back up to put it in the arists folder i had to make. its a joke. sometimes i wonder why i even bother with spotify

Or at least just enable favouriting albums... makng playlists for albums is extremely cumbersome and messes up the overview of playlists.
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I just quit Napster as they've moved to Rhapsody. Especially annoying is the offline mode which only can be started being online....


So trying out Spotify and badly surprise that in the iPhone app there's no album download. Man Sad The PC App is great, but the fact that downloading Albums like in Napster, Rhapsody etc. is missing is just a showstopper and I won't become a Premium subscriber until this has been added.

How many kudos will be needed to make this a priority for Spotify?

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