Downloading Full Albums instead of just Playlists

It would be such a great feature to have if a user was able to download albums directly rather than adding an album to a playlist just to listen to it offline in its entirety. Rdio, MOG, and Rhapsody already do a marvelous job at implementing this feature as well as organizing a user's library of offline material. Any insight on whether this will be coming soon or not would be deeply appreciated.

Updated on 2018-06-15

As mentioned, this is already available on the Mobile Apps.

On Desktop any news about it will be shared here:



Not having this feature is why I can't use Spotify. Apparently nobody on the Spotify design team listens to full albums because they would have added this feature already. Not everyone listens to their music as playlists. Many of us like to listen to full albums.

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This is crazy this isn't available! AGREED

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This needs to happen!

This is the only reason I keep going back to rhapsody, I'm really hoping spotify listen to this because it would literally perfect the service!
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Status changed to: Under Consideration


Hello folks!

We have passed this idea internally and the team is now considering it! We also know how great would be we are going to mark it as "Under Consideration" 😉 Check out this space for next updates....

Thank you all for your awesome feedback.


Not only is downloading needed, but also navigating through downloaded stuff with artist/album/title hierarchy.

Look at to see how to do it the right way. (Unfortunately, they think audio quality is not important)


i can listen to a full album without the download. you just pick an album and listen to it. i use the starred system and if a song does'nt have a star next to it it won't play. 


Waiting on this feature to get a paid sub.  Look forward to using this service but I'm an offline only album listener.  My iTunes library is more than large enough to keep me going until this is implemented, but I imagine they want my money soon.  GL Devs!

This is one of the things keeping me from switching from Rdio.
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This is a fantastic idea and I'm so glad I searched for this thread.  The main problem with the mobile app is the lack of organization. Your "starred" songs should be added to your library which is then organized by artist, album and genre when you engage offline listening via the mobile app.  

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