Dynamic Playlist Icon

I'm sure this is true for most of us, but my playlists change dramatically over time. However, the icon that represents the playlist always stays the same, it's the covers of the first four albums added, put into a collage, seen here.


To further increase the feel that a playlist is growing and changing, it would be cool if this picture, which serves as the "cover" for the playlist  also changed to reflect your most recent additions. It could instead be a collage of the covers of the four albums most recently added.


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Very good idea.






I use a surface pro2. It "looks" great but somhow clicking on a point in the app activates about 10cm to the left. I can't brows to the playlists I want if they are on the edge of the screen and have to click one playlist along to hear what I want.


Verry sloppy!


Paying customer here guys, please take note!


Hey Timid_tim, this isn't the place for discussing bugs, try the forums, especially Help - other. Thanks!