Enable best Quality for Tracks on Chromecast Audio Device

After casting Spotify from my Android phone onto my new Chromecast audio device I was disapointed to discover that I could not set the device to extreme quality, even though I am a premium member. It would be good to allow a default extreme quality setting on all devices used on my account or to allow setting the quality in the Android app.


The latest version of the Android app allows control of the quality level over chromecast in settings. This issue is solved.

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Is it possible to control audio quality at all? What is the default quality setting for devices? Not being able to select extreme quality for the chromecast audio will be a dealbraker for some people - one of the selling points of CC audio over Sonos is the ability to use your audiophile speakers with services like Spotify, so stream quality will important.

What?? I had no idea. Just ordered a chromecast audio for the exact purpose of playing spotify in extreme quality on my audiophile system! So sad 😞

Spotify... please fix this...


Just set up my Chromecast Audio and noticed this one, too. Makes no sense investing in a chromecast device to integrate your hifi amplifier into your network when you end up not being able to stream in extreme quality (you have to be a premium user to use Spotify Connect anyway..).


I test the last version and last beta and there is no setting to control sound quality over chromecast 2015. Any ideas?




I didn't invest so much in my hifi to listen to normal or high quality. Need to be able to set extreme quality. Now it's back to airplay and that sucks as it locks me in to apple devices to control spotify. And yes it's very audible, it sounds like a tin can compared to extreme quality.


It could have been a specific album that sounded poor. Listening to other spotify albums using the chromecast connection sounded much better. 


What would be really helpful is to at least show what bitrate the 'automatic' setting is actually using as long as it's impossible to control the exact setting for the Chromecast.


There is no option to control the audio quality, but do we know what quality is standard? i cant find that either. 


Why you put ISSUE SOLVED in the title if this is not solved?


How is this issue solved in the new app?