Enable best Quality for Tracks on Chromecast Audio Device

After casting Spotify from my Android phone onto my new Chromecast audio device I was disapointed to discover that I could not set the device to extreme quality, even though I am a premium member. It would be good to allow a default extreme quality setting on all devices used on my account or to allow setting the quality in the Android app.


The latest version of the Android app allows control of the quality level over chromecast in settings. This issue is solved.

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Updated on 2018-06-16


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Casual Listener

So can someone comfirm if this stream at 320kbps on chromecast?


I think someone just confirmed it by comparing the bitrate from his router to his phone set at 320 and the chromecast audio, which were the same.


Just a little tip, maybe it has been mentioned: In the chromecast app (IOS) under CCaudio>options there is a checkbox for "full dynamic range", default set to OFF. BUT you may only check it if you have an AVR or HiFi system! Neeeh do it anyway because it clearly and instantly improves the sound quality on every system. It's like the old turbo switch on PC's in the old days, why the hell would you turn it off...?!

Casual Listener

I cannot find the dynamic range option under my android chromecast settings.

PS I am suing the TV chrome cast and not the audio one though. 


There has been talk about Chromecast Audio having this option, but what about Chromecast 1 or 2 (non the audio chromecast). 


Im still wondering if 320kbs is acheivable using the original Chromecast. 

Casual Listener

yeah, exactly my thought and I am using chromecast 1 (non audio)

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I have same problem by iPhone??? The quality is not extrem ??? The music experience is not the same!!

The high dynamic range setting on Chromecast Audio is fine if you are connecting to your music system using an phono-cable (analogue) connection , but if you connect using the optical (digital) connection you don't need to select high dynamic range as it has no meaning for a digital connection.

Issue is not solved..bit rate is severely restricted when streaming to my patio amp chromecast
...which is the only reason I pay for spotify. High end amp and speakers sound like crap..thanks spotify..fix our I cancel service

I have the same problem. Poor quality using chromecast or ps4. I didn't find any settings related to devices at the latest version app. Someone know the steps?


I've got the same situation here. 


Spotify (extreme quality) on Mac or iPhone -> USB -> DAC

Sounds great


MP3 (320 kb) streaming via Plex to Chromecast Audio -> Toslink -> DAC

Sounds great


Spotify (??? quality) running on the Chromecast Audio -> Toslink -> DAC

Sounds a lot worse (comparable to 128 kbit mp3).


Why can't we set the quality of Spotify on the chromecast? The issue is not solved. It's a shame, because it's a great device that sounds perfectly fine otherwise.


Can't be my internet speed either, i'm streaming 1080p video via Amazon Prime all the time.