Explicit Only/Edited Only Option

I have seen two other similar Ideas, one flagged as duplicate. Hopefully mine does not fall under that category as it supports the opposite idea/control at the same time. 


I would appreciate it Spotify would allow users to turn off edited content OR turn off explicit. I listen to a lot of Hip Hop and by Murphy's Law, seem to always pick the edited album. While other people have children and do not want to hear the F word around them. I believe we both can agree that it is very frustrating to play the version we don't want.


I think both Explicit On and Explicit Off could be solved simply.


Settings > Explicit Content

(bullet option) Turn Off Explicit Content

(bullet option) Turn Off Edited Content


Both bullets cannot be highlighted at same time and of course in the background it would have to work like:

When Explicit Content is turned off, it would never be played

When Edited is turned off, Explicit would be played unless Edited is the only option. 


Again, sorry if the moderators view this Idea as a duplicate, but I believe this would solve the problem for both parties.

Updated on 2017-11-07

Hi folks, thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. Today we're marking this as a duplicate of the Explicit Button, but please allow us to explain. 

While we understand the requests are different (one wants a button to turn explicit off/on and the other wants the option to have explicit only), the metadata work we'd need to do to build either of these is exactly the same. 

We, therefore, think it's misleading to have two ideas like this in the top 20 Community ideas. The Explicit Button idea is still the #2 Community idea so our teams absolutely understand how important this request is. 

Please keep an eye on the Explicit Button thread (which we think is a good idea) for any updates on these requests. Thank you for continuing to bring your feedback to us via the Community Idea Exchange.

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This idea will reflect the option to have the option to enable/disable both otpions in the settings.
For reference, here are the ideas for either one of them:

Yes, please!  I came here to request an option to turn off explicite on a per-client basis, as many of us listen to Spotify at work.  I would love to leave my work client on "clean mode only" and at home, typically "explicit-friendly."  I particularly like the idea of having Spotify try to find the song that matches the setting.  For example, if I have Cee Lowe Green's "F*** You" explicit version on my playlist, it would simply redirect the clean version when I have the clean mode set.  There would be a few deault settings for users to customize, and it would be incredibly powerful.  This should also be true of ads!

Casual Listener

Please add this feature, this is a no brainer! I have kids and I cant take the chance of them hearing explicit content. Make Spotify able to be modified to fit everyones listening preferences! This definetly is need in the radio portion, I had it on at work and had to quickly had to turn it off! #comeon


I'll be making a video on this topic real soon. Spotify can become even better with hard work and detication 


I'd like to see this added as well. It's extremely annoying when playlist radio is started and non-explicit/edited versions are being played. 


As an option, this would allow people to set explicit-only / edited-only (or whatever gets pulled up normally if not defined). Bonus points if you engineer a solution that allows this to be set per playlist or genre.


Google Music just updated with a competing service, they offer a similar option. I'll be switching to them unless Spotify adds this. 

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I agree, or they can just label the albums a little better.


The only reason I came to contact support was to gripe about edited music. Either label the music better or have an option to turn on or off explicit content. Makes sense to me I'm paying for the subscription.


Yes, plz.
Whenever I enter an artist page I'm baffled by doubled [or tripled even] albums. They do no differ in track count or length therefore I assume this is due to version variation. This is for certain not a local library and Spotify library confusion because I did not add any local files.


Beside the option mentioned above it is necessary to ad a version description/tag[edited/explicit/original/otherwise] To the albums/songs because as it is now i just download without any idea which version I'm getting. A mess simply put and surely not a thing to expect from a paid service[whether it's by ads or premium].


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