Explicit Only/Edited Only Option

I have seen two other similar Ideas, one flagged as duplicate. Hopefully mine does not fall under that category as it supports the opposite idea/control at the same time. 


I would appreciate it Spotify would allow users to turn off edited content OR turn off explicit. I listen to a lot of Hip Hop and by Murphy's Law, seem to always pick the edited album. While other people have children and do not want to hear the F word around them. I believe we both can agree that it is very frustrating to play the version we don't want.


I think both Explicit On and Explicit Off could be solved simply.


Settings > Explicit Content

(bullet option) Turn Off Explicit Content

(bullet option) Turn Off Edited Content


Both bullets cannot be highlighted at same time and of course in the background it would have to work like:

When Explicit Content is turned off, it would never be played

When Edited is turned off, Explicit would be played unless Edited is the only option. 


Again, sorry if the moderators view this Idea as a duplicate, but I believe this would solve the problem for both parties.

Updated on 2017-11-07

Hi folks, thanks to everyone for their contribution to this thread. Today we're marking this as a duplicate of the Explicit Button, but please allow us to explain. 

While we understand the requests are different (one wants a button to turn explicit off/on and the other wants the option to have explicit only), the metadata work we'd need to do to build either of these is exactly the same. 

We, therefore, think it's misleading to have two ideas like this in the top 20 Community ideas. The Explicit Button idea is still the #2 Community idea so our teams absolutely understand how important this request is. 

Please keep an eye on the Explicit Button thread (which we think is a good idea) for any updates on these requests. Thank you for continuing to bring your feedback to us via the Community Idea Exchange.


I would also love to be able to turn off edited music when using the mobile app.

Find a way those words are why I got on here in the first place. Also could you show the artist full picture on mobile. Seems like the heads are always cut off
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I also would like an option for this! Mainly for the radio and random streaming. 


NEEEEED THIS SO MUCH!!!! i hate adding a song and when it comes out the words are bleaped out, i can't stand to listen to songs that the words get bleaped, it's just not enjoyable for me.


I am hugely in favor of being able to toggle between explicit and edited versions of songs.

Not going to renew my Spotify premium membership until this is taken care of!
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This would be a great idea, especially if it carried over to your mobile settings.


It is difficult enough to get the unedited versions on the desktop, but when searching for music on my phone you ONLY have the edited versions unless the song was in a playlist already.


makes it ahrd to discover songs on the go when you have to listen to an edited version.


Yea its pretty annoying listening to some of my favorite songs and getting the censored version... Then I gotta search for the explicit version and restart the song. As someone who isnt offended by anything in songs this is kinda irritating. Censored music should be opt-in. 

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Excellent idea!

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I completely agree with this idea. I love the Spotify service, I'm a Premium heavy user and I usually rave to anybody that will listen about how wonderful it is. But this issue with the Explicit versions being almost impossible to find is becoming an issue with me. I will explore other options out there if this isn't solved. It's really upsetting. Please do something about it.