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When you search for a band on Spotify you get the page with all their albums.

At the top of that page you find the 5 tophits.

When you are searching for new bands, you'll listen to those 5 songs to see if it is a band for you or not.

You like the band, you like all 5 songs, but there must be a 6th good song in one of those 20 albums which each have 10 songs.

I don't think many people like to listen 200 songs just to find one more hit.


That's why I suggest to remove the tophits at the top and add it as a new tab but then not a top 5 but a list of all their songs, sorted by Most Listened or Most Downloaded or whatever the current toplist is made off.

This has already been suggested here:

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You can sort of already do this by searching for an artist's name, then sorting the song search results by popularity. 


I can't find the option anywhere to sort by popularity, you can click the buttons on your playlists which doesn't contain popularity and I can't find a filter system when I'm looking for an artist. I only see the top 5 and their the albums.


I found the popularity bar after reinstalling spotify, but i can't sort it that way, just see how popular they are. Can you tell me for to sort them that way?

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This has already been suggested here:

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