Favorite Artists in menu, that you can classified by genre, etc.

It would be great to add an option called "Add this artist to your favorites", and add in the menu on the left an item called "Favorite Artists", and when you click on it a page with the favorite artists of the account classified by genre or alphabetically, etc.

Updated: 2015-09-17

Hey everyone. We feel that 'Your Music' already provides half of this request which is all your favorite artists in one menu. However the option to have it sorted by genre is also mentioned in this idea "Organize Your Music by genre". Therefore we're going to combine the two (kudos included). Thanks for bringing us your feedback!


I need this!


Favorite artists, favorite albums, favorite tracks. Maybe even favorite playlists.


I TOTALLY agree. I've been banging on about this for ages.


I'd really like to be able to subscribe to artists/add them as favorites. It seems really odd that spotify has no way to do this and relies totally on playlists. Just to be able to add all the artists you're interested in and be able to sort them alphabetically etc (why is there no sorting ability on playlists?).


For me that's the most important way to organise music. Playlists are a "nice to have", whereas organising by artist -> album is ESSENTIAL!


When this is possible there are loads of cool little extra features that can be added. 1st of all as it's a cloud music service you would automatically see all the new albums. You could then maybe show little alerts or highlight an artist when they have new material out - this would massively add to spotify's music discoverabilty.


Please please please do this. I love spotify, but I feel this is a real weakness. It really would make spotify 10 times as usable as it is now!


My way of listening to music is listening to certain artists and even certain albums at a time. I never listen to playlists of mixed songs from different artists. I would absolutely love to have the ability to add favorite artists to a library of some kind and have a view where I can sort music by artist and album.


I am a big fan of spotify, I've been a premium customer for many years. This is the only feature I've been wanting since I first found spotify, please consider implementing this.



Casual Listener

I too am really missing this feature.


It needs to carry through to the mobile UI as well, so that you can easily browse by favourite artist among your offline music.


This is what's keeping me from using spotify. If you add this feature the first thing I'll do is get premium. Just look at this topic: https://getsatisfaction.com/spotify/topics/favorite_artists_and_albums people have been wanting this for three years now!

Casual Listener

I have to do this with a **bleep** ton of playlists currently.  This would be an amazing feature.  Hope you're listening Spotify.


I've been waiting for this since the day I signed up for Spotify. As much fun as it is to sift through hundreds of individually starred tracks, I'd appreciate a simple sidebar menu and the option to add Favorite Artists and Favorite Albums. This is a must have!


This is the biggest omission in Spotify. It's something that really makes the UI bad, so bad that it makes me wonder whether it would be better to use iTunes instead.


I think it could be implemented as an app? It could just show favorite artists in a grid, similar to iTunes. Even this kind of very basic functionality would be a huge improvement.


I want this...no...I NEED THIS!