Features that could be added to further improve the experience.

Cross-fade playback. The PS3 has it and it works really well blending the tracks together. Don't know whether its possible for you guys but would definitely be a fantastic addition. 


Dynamic Normalising. Some tracks are louder than others, namely those that were produced a couple of decades ago.


Customisable Equaliser. Another great feature that could enhance the tracks we listen to.


DJ application. Feature and application that allows the user to actively mix tracks together DJ style. 


Full mobile experience. Screens are plenty big enough nowadays, desktop layout on mobile? Much love.


I'm just suggesting ideas here, obviously don't know whether its actually possible to integrate them into a streaming app.


Been a premium subscriber for 6+months, great service though potentially lacking feature wise.
An example is PowerAmp, probably the best mobile based music player, packed with equalisers and everything.


With loads of features Spotify would be the obvious choice.



As Rocio mentioned, please just post 1 idea, otherwise there's no way to know for which idea the kudos are meant. Please use the search function for those ideas.
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Totally supporting you with the Cross Fading and the Customisable Equaliser!!!
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Even just a cross fade onto the next queued track would be cool. The PS3 does a whole 30secs. :smileyhappy:


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To elaborate on the "crossfade" option, the lack of crossfading doesn't bother me quite as much as the similar issue of the lack of gapless playback.


There are many, many albums that have seamless tracks with no gaps between them.  Absolutely nothing is worse than listening to a gapless album, and having a 1-2 second pause right in the middle of the music at each track transition.  Try listening to classic rock concept albums like Dark Side of the Moon on Spotify right now... try listening to most classical music... try listening to -any- album with gapless tracks anywhere.  They're utterly butchered and nearly unlistenable.


FYI, this issue has been the top voted item on Spotify's feedback website for years, and remains inexplicably unsolved.  The audio codec Spotify uses (Ogg Vorbis) has explicit support for gapless playback.  And Spotify, unlike most streaming services, pushes full albums-- which makes me that much more stunned that they haven't implemented gapless playback.  It's pretty much inexcusable... so much great music is absolutely destroyed by this easy-fix feature.

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Most of these ideas have already had threads dedicated to them - we've got a lovely little search bar at the top if you want to see if anything has been posted in the past. 


However, we do have a normalisation feature within Spotify already. In the Preferences menu, under the Playback tab, click on "Set the same volume level for all tracks". 


Just a little correction in the above post though - Dark Side of The Moon isn't actually available on Spotify at the moment. 


I agree, even if some of these are good ideas, you should try to find where they have already been posted and support them there. As well as posting ideas individually so people can give Kudos to each idea on it's own.

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"Customisable Equaliser. Another great feature that could enhance the tracks we listen to."


Can't wait for that.

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I need the Cross-fade playback!

Every silence kills the mood!



I know you just included the Crossfade in the new Spotify, and I love it... ok. But...


I will love to have something like the "accubeatmix"... look for it.  It is an addin for the iTunes that makes an automatic beat-matching.  No matter what it keeps the tempo and try to mix it properly.  


For example.  You are listening to "Beyoncé - Single Ladies" and you repeat the track... it restarts the track but it keeps the tempo... In other words, it doesn't abruptly restart the track... it keeps playing, then starts the track again but keeping the beat intact, so it doesn't jump all of the sudden.  The same happens if you jump to a specific part of the song using the dial (cursor).


But the greatness is when you have a playlist of music that is with a similar BPM.  For example, you play that "Single Ladies" song and you hit botton for (Next Song), and the next song is "Lollipop" (Mika), the software tries to match the beat, and when it is matched it starts playing and doing the proper crossfade!!! It is just amazing!




Imagine in a party... you download an "Party Playlist", for instance David Guetta's... great songs and all with a dance genre... then... no matter what, when someone hits "Next"... the mood ain't killed!!!


I know it won't be easy, but... buy that company or something... I don't know... that technology shouldn't be that difficult... I always do my parties with iTunes because of that addin... when I don't have the song that someone requested, I have to start the Spotify... but then everyone is like mad because it doesn't mix properly.


Please please please... install it and check out what I am talking about... PEOPLE, OR INCLUDING ME, could pay extra for a feature like that... well, pay extra, is too much... but I will be happy if you just analyze it! :)

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There should be an app that would allow you to mix songs better then just 12 sec crossfade.


One should really look into this! An example could be an app looking like;

Mixmeister Fusion. In essence, this idea is about including a mixer in Spotify.


What is the status on this?

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