Filter to Show only FULL Albums in Your Music

Upon first seeing the new updated I had assumed that the saved songs will show individually saved tracks, and the saved albums would show full saved albums. So I right away imported my starred list into "songs," and all my album playlists into "albums." Much to my dismay, ALL of my saved tracks showed up in the albums area, making it nearly impossible to actually find the albums I had saved as full albums.


Please enable a sort function to show only full albums in the albums tab. If that doesn't become possible, it kind of makes the entire overhaul of the saving experience pretty useless. 

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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Since this has been implemented in the meantime for the desktop app, I've edited the title to let it focus on the mobile apps.


couldnt agree more, makes the whole tick system pointless, as I only want full albums in albums and saved songs in songs... seems like a no brainer to me but oh well


Also, if you have multiple songs on the same album in tracks, the albums is displayed multiple times in the albums overview. If you show the albums, at least remove duplicates. 


I think this makes it a bug instead of an idea. 


Couldn't agree more, this is an essential tool imho to sort music, if the cover of every album of which I save only 1 song comes in my albums, it just becomes complete chaos ... 



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I totally agree that this needs to be addressed. I posted this below the other day only to see others have the same issues.  


This is proberbly something spotify will have to address but I was wondering if anyone knows a way to only show FULL (Complete) albums in the album section. This is the only thing I have found that isnt quite right with spotify. It should keep individual songs in the song section and entire albums in the album section. At the moment my albums section shows up with singles from albums and partial albums which makes it very mesy. I know you can make folders and drag the albums into playlist but I think this is something that should automatically happen with the albums section because it makes more sence.  


If someone could help out that would be great




Album view is useless without this feature for anyone that has saved a lot of individual tracks. 

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Couldn't agree more.  I was initially very excited by this as I'd previously organised my music into two playlists called 'Singles' and 'Albums' and I thought this was going to take care of this automatically, but obvioulsy now.  My album view is now a complete joke :)


Although it's going to be a big job, what I'm going to do for now is create a playlist called 'Songs' and move all individual tracks in there, and then only use the 'Save' feature to save albums.





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Artists still create albums with a certain flow to them, and so it stands to reason you should be able to save all the music you like to your library, but be able to just see the albums in the albums section.

Possibly split into 3 sections an All Songs | Just Singles | Just Albums


I started saving single tracks and now find the album view is so bloated its unusable.

Seems so simple, and something i should expect in return for my monthly subscription

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I'm glad that the full album filter has been implemented on desktop but when will this feature be available on android? The whole album section is utterly useless if it shows albums from which I only saved one single song.

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Any news on this one? I agree 100% with my fellow Spotify users... the Albums tab on Android is pretty much useless without this option (which IMHO should probably be the default state, with an option to "Show partial albums"!). However the simple addition of a filter, much like the existing "Available offline only" option, ie "Full albums only" is really all that is needed. It simply can't be that complicated to implement - I'm assuming the app has access to all the relevant metadata (ie number of tracks in the album) so the filtering should be trivial to code up.


Please, please consider adding this feature to the Android app soon!