Find Track by Lyrics

We often hum a song that gets stuck in our heads, sometimes knowing only the chorus, to find this song, we need to google that sentence from the chorus and try to identify the song,

then search for the specific song in spotify - why not have lyrics for every song and expose that lyrics string to the search functionality?

so that you can find song by typing a sentence in the search box in Spotify?

Update: This idea has been reposted here.


Updated on 2018-06-16


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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉


This feature will be awesome, hope it gets implemented soon!


Nossa, ia ser o máximo!

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That would be a killing feature if we are able to find songs by typing lyrics on search.


Ex: I wanted to listen Rammstein - AMERIKA and did the following search:

"we all live in america" no results

"america" unrelated results, even i am following the artist.

"rammstein" I gave up and searched the artist and scrolled down and found the song etc... Noticed that song was amerika with "k" anyway....


When i do the first step on youtube, you can't imagine the result 🙂 Haven't tried on apple music.


I was going to ask this as a feature. It would be great to have it.

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Same. Came here to post this. would totally use this all the time. Currently my experienc is:


1/ Think of a song but cant remember title so leave spotify, go to google and type in lyrics

2/ Come back type title and artist in search

3/ play song from autocomplete


Would be great to cut out that first step. Interrupts the zone 🙂 pls do this.

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Great idea! That way we do not need to find out the name of a song on google and then search for the title in spotify.


Was just thinking about this as well. One thing I would love to see with it is the ability to search for the lyrics within the songs that we have saved. A lot of lyrics are reused and frequently I only come up with big artists rather than what I'm looking for.


Great Idea. When a song comes out that I like a lot, seems like it takes me 4ever to get the name of it! Especially on the radio while I'm driving, I get distracted and don't hear the announcer say it, and they don't say the song title hardly  at all if its an older song.


2 years and still no lyrics. Now with all the money you have from the IPO, maybe you can stop lying abt the lyrics and put them back on SPOTIFY.  May have to go to ITUNES as much as I would hate too, but if SPOTIFY can't keep up with being a real music app, time to find another!!!