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Although we have facebook and all that to find our friends using Spotify I think it should also be made so that users can find other people which aren't just their friends-even though I know you can search people up I just feel like there should be a small section where they can show some users with similar tastes (like a recomended bar) so that's it's easier and gives you a chance to find good music through other people, especially if you're the type of person who likes following tons of playlists. 

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Not sure how hard it would be for Spotify to implement this idea, but I like it. I tend to discover a lot of my music by simply sifting through user-created playlists related to genres or artists that I enjoy. The process generally works, but it can be also be kind of hit or miss as a result. It would be awesome simply being able to find and then follow people who have similar tastes as me. Honestly, it feels like this kind of feature is long overdue in some form.

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wow, didn't realize they had this...It's "sleeping" at the moment, however 😕 


also, maybe privacy is an issue here? Maybe instead of suggesting users to follow they could suggest usermade playlists? I'd love for someone to comment  on whether or not either of these features would be possible. 


How does this not have more kudos?!

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I think it would be wonderful to be able to easily find users with similar musical interests.    It seems implied by the very concept of a "social media" music player, doesn't it?     That's why I'm surprised it hasn't already been explored by Spotify.


Obviously, the great part is that these other users would lead you to find great music you'd never find out about otherwise.    You might even form friendships in which you'd exchange songs or artists that you recommend.     Note this is how Pinterest works:   you follow people who follow what you like, and this leads you to follow still others.


Spotify allows me to follow facebook friends, but it could hardly be more obvious that our facebook friends typically have different musical tastes than we do.     They like *us*, not necessarily our musical tastes.    So the few people I follow on Spotify are people I've stumbled on who listen to some songs that I like -- but it's very, very hard to find such people manually.


One way to implement this would be to use artists you follow, and find users who've followed some of the same artists.


It could also be done in a very crude way, in which you can see a list of randomly chosen playlists that contain the currently playing song.     A purely Pinterest-like feature would to wait till you save a song or put it in a playlist, and then show you a list of users who saved the same song, and what playlist they saved it to, with the option to follow that playlist.


A more advanced capability would take a playlist of yours and show you users who've put some of the same songs in playlists.    


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A feature that tells you which of your friend's music taste is currently closest to your own.  It could be set up like an artists top five tracks but instead of tracks they'd be your top five friends with the most similar tastes in music.


 Or it could even be like specific for a certain playlist like "Based on your music preferences you might like your friend John Smith's playlist 'fun times''


I think a lot of people want to connect with others through their music taste and this would be a good segway

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You might also want to add your kudos to a similar idea to find other people with similar taste here.

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Beyond that I want to discover people who aren't my friends who have taste that I might like. Rdio really encouraged exploring users who weren't part of your Facebook network. Spotify is far too reliant on people you already know.

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Great idea...none of my FB friends use spotify...and very few would even share my taste.  would be great way to discover new friends and tunes