Fix the Your Music catastrophe

Update 2: I found the root cause of the issues I've been having, and reported it properly here:


Update: I have dug further and found primarly one specific bug (#1 below) that's behind most of the issues with Your Music. So here's a new a revised request list of issues/fixes:


  1. Adding songs/albums to Your Music does not correctly update SongsAlbums, and Artists sections. The intended purpose behind Your Music seems to be that adding a single song to Your Music makes it show in Songs, it's album showing in Albums, and it's artist showing in Artists. That is currently not true 90-95% of the time.
  2. It is not possible to add songs/albums from local files that are not in Spotify's database, like this one for example: Time's End: Majora's Mask Remixed by Theophany
  3. Replace the + button next to each song with the old Star icon and add a "Add to My Music" contextual menu item for songs. The "Save" button on albums can stay as it's quite useful. A music library is not the same thing as your few specific favorite songs. 


To get technical about #1: There seems to be two internal lists that make up Your Music, one for songs, and one for albums. The Artists section is derived from the albums list, as saving an Album always adds the artist too. The idea would be that these two lists are always kept in sync when a song/album is added to your library, but this currently fails. Hence adding an album doesn't always add it's songs to the Songs section, and adding a song rarely adds it's album and artist to the Albums and Artists sections.


In my testing, saving in album adds all songs from the album to Songs about 90% of the time. While adding a song adds the album and artist to the Albums and Artists sections about 2% of time when clicking on the + button next to songs. If you drag-n-drop the song(s) onto the Songs section, it never updates the Albums/Artists sections.


Fixing the above bullet points will in my opinion solve 95% of the issues with Your Music. As it ensures Your Music is a singular storage of your actual music, including songs/albums from local files that Spotify aren't aware of.


Personally I had until now simply created playlists from albums and playlist folders to try to build a "Library".


Origianl idea submission:


This is a summery of my suggestions from this post: Thoughts/complaints about new Your Music feature and Stars (and Spotify overall)


Please read or at least skim through the above linked post to get an idea of why Your Music is a catastrophe and needs fixing.


Without further ado, here's my list of suggestions to fix it:


  • Revert the Star feature to working just like it did, complete with the star next to each song, everywhere.
  • Replace SongsAlbums, and Artists lists with a single list/item called "Library" or something similar. Within the Library view there are "Songs", "Albums", and "Artists" tabs as alternative ways to view your "Library".
  • Add a contextual/right-click menu item called "Add to my Library" to all songs, and as a button for Albums.
  • Adding a song to the Library, will make it show under the Songs view, and it's album and artist show under their respective views too within the Library.
  • All local files should be part of the Library.
  • And potentially, enable making the whole Library available offline.


Bonus Features:


Not vital to fixing the mess that is Your Music, but they will add to the above suggestions and make Spotify overall better and more consisten to use.


  • Add a artist/album browser/list/sidebar/something that can be shown/hidden within each playlist. Potentially do it in a similar way to the above mentioned Library view. Potentially do something similar to what iTunes does (example).
  • Add back the Album Cover view for playlists, which was removed about a year ago.
  • Add a "Show Duplicates" feature for playlists, showing all non-unique songs. Preferably basing song uniqness on "[ARTIST_NAME]:[SONG_NAME]".
  • Show a OK/Cancel warning dialog when attempting to add a song that's already in the target playlist. Include a "don't show this warning again checkbox" to make the masses happy.
Updated: 2015-03-31

As mentioned by the author of this topic, the discussion / bug report is continued here:


I dig this updated all black version but I do miss the stars and I kind of miss the thumbs up and down for all suggested music. 




@jimeh wrote:


Without further ado, here's my list of suggestions to fix it:


  • Revert the Star feature to working just like it did, complete with the star next to each song, everywhere.


I'd like to nuance this by saying that I don't mind if stars become likes, because that's all just in a name. What I *DO* find highly annoying is that there are now separate systems. Why is this annoying? Because I have a HUGE list of starred items and the 'date added' information is highly valuable to me. So Spotify.. ideally you should have merged the stars and likes system into one, but since you seem to be going the direction of likes, pleaaase allow us to make our stars likes, *with preservation all the metadata that those stars contain*.


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@bombarie: I'm fine with your solution too. But that's merely a renaming of the Starring feature, which is supposedly not what the Your Music is about. At least it looks like it's intended purpose is either just compeltely broken conceptually (which is at least partly true), and/or the implimentation is horribly broken/buggy.

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Since this idea contains various requests and feedback, I will mark it as "Unspecified" for now, since it's impossible to manage the received kudos / give it a proper status when more than 1 idea is suggested. The topic stays open for discussion and gaining kudos though. 😉

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@Marco: I'd like to bother you by asking if you're willing to re-classify this idea given the latest update I've done. Thanks 🙂

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@jimeh Since you seem to describe a bug, the best would be to post it in the help section, so the staff can investigate what's going on and try to fix it. The ideas exchange is for feature requests (only 1 single request per topic) rather than bug reports or stuff to "fix". 😉


@jimeh True, I wasn't necessarily responding to the introduction of Your Music. I'm not too annoyed about being able to segment Songs (i.e. what Starred should have been made into) into their constituent albums and artists. My main beef is that I have all these starred songs collected over the past 3 years and now *bam* the starring system is rendered obsolete. I truly hope Spotify will allow us to transfer 'starred' items to 'saved' items without losing the timestamp.

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@Marco Apologies for my previous kinda brain-dump behavior, I was busy and didn't have time to properly organize myself. I've dug deeper into the issue and found the root cause (or at least as close to the root cause I can go without looking at source code). I've put together a new post about it with a screencast of the specific technical issue, and some notes about related issues/confusion most people seem to have about Your Music.


You can find the post here:

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I've been a Spotify subscriber for a good few years. I've loved it. However I much preferred the Starred option over the new Your Music section. If I liked a track I starred it and it made no difference whether it was a local track or not (I tend to play my entire collection randomly alot). I have since found that a significant number of my 18,000 strong digitised ex-CD/downloaded music (and podcasts) that I imported from iTunes (which I haven't used since I signed onto Spotify) cannot be added into the Songs section (not all 18,000 obviously as I realise that there is apparently a 10,000 limit) and which I assumed you'd be able to '+' anything I particularly liked into Songs (hence my entire Starred selection of about 8,000 tracks or which about half were local) but now seems utterly pointless to me if I can't. Nor does the Albums & Artists section seem to display anything regardless the number of tracks I now have in the Songs section. I've tried making sense of it since the update. Re-sorting it. Moving tracks into and around the new structure. This morning I gave up and in the end I created an ALL TRACKS playlist that I have moved every single local and streamed track into that I have. I'll also keep using the STARRED playlist by manually adding new tracks to it rather than 'starring' them. I have no intention of using the YOUR MUSIC section going forward. However my enjoyment of Spotify has been seriously diminished and if I find a competing service that provides something more suited than I will have no hesitation jumping ship.

You seem to have implemented this dramatic overhaul without actually considering whether people really wanted this significant a change.


UPDATE: It appears that I cannot add all my tracks to a single Library playlist thanks to the 10k limit. At the very least put the LIBRARY folder that used to allow this back into the next update.


THANK YOU. The removal of starring stars is killing me. It's like when pandora replaced favorites with just "saving". I liked occasionally comparing my starred songs with other people, too. Not to mention now that I can't star songs anymore my music library will now be arbitrarily split.