Fixing Radio: Fine tuning songs (Hits, Variety or Discovery Mode)

Our radio has always been weird, you never know what songs it plays, and it always REPEATS THE SAME GOD darn SONG over the past hour.

It's time to fix it. 


If you've tried, or at least clicked into an app of a competing service, this is how it looks like:

image (1).jpg


You can kinda tune the station to WHAT YOU LIKE, for eg, Hits, Variety, or Discovery and the radio will adapt what you want to hear.


Here's another example (A not very solid example though):



As you may know, Echo Nest is now a Spotify company, anyway, this shows the radio where you can slide to whether artist only or discovery in general (This might not be a good example, as if I just wanted to listen to the artist, I would've just went into the artist page and click on Shuffle Play.)


Here's another example:



This is a relatively new music service, but if you've tried its radio, you wil find out that its really really spectacular. You can tell the service what is your mood and it plays songs based on that, but if that's not enough. It actually has brand new algorithms that is built just for this, I read somewhere that it even monitors your location, the songs you play in that location/event, the volume the song is playing and when you hit the radio mode, it will analyze all of this algorithms and play based on that.


So the radio needs improvements in its really bad algorithms and a fine tuning option.


PS: If you go the comments section of this idea, in page 2, @Macatron bought up a really good visual of a competing music service vs Spotify when using the radio, if you've time you should take a look and if possible share more of the problems that you face with Spotify Radio.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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I really like this idea and the screenshots. I've always been a big proponent of radio improvements just like this; however, I'm thinking @Marco will have to determine whether this is different enough from the control/sliders idea here and the better radio algorithms idea here. I think it's really close to the other idea for controls because that one even mentions the EchoNest stuff.

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I'm definitely on board - any tools that could be use to fine tune the Radio would be well received!

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yes, this idea should be implemented.

The radio algorithm is very weird. 

What's the use of radio when it keep repeating itself for every 4-5 songs.

I use radio to discover songs on the go.

Please implement this great idea.

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Glad this got approved haha. Even more glad it's picking up some steam already.


Would you look at that! :) Came here to rant about the radio and how I want my money back only to find others who find the radio feature to be lacking...


Now, I don't really need the radio to be feature rich and "fine-tunable", but I do believe it needs improving so I'm all for suggestions to make it better. I use radio to discover music simillar to my likes and favourites, repeating the same 3 songs from a simmilar artist ain't gonna cut it. Make no mistake, this feature is a god-send. It just needs better algorithms and then maybe some features to fine tune the experience.


As it stands now, with this big catalogue of music you have there, the radio feature is a missed opportunity.

Music Fan

Yes! great idea :-) we should be able to control what all of the stations plays, That'll be great if we could finetune our radios.


The main reason I downgraded from Premium: Spotify Radio is terrible. Fix it and you'll have more subscribers.


"Improving Station" is a joke.  I have a station based on Laura Nyro.  I keep getting the same very popular Nyro songs (but even that rarely) and some other 60s, 70s, 80s female vocalists.  Nothing newer.  I also get a ton of stuff nothing like Nyro, including male vocalists and male bands.  How many times do I reject anything of Elvis Costello before you stop playing it?  Same for many other artists.  You really need to track that if someone has rejected every one of an artist, quit playing that artist. Or, better, provide as has been suggested elsewhere here, a button "reject artist."  I've nothing against Costello, or Lightfoot, or the Doobies, or Bread, or many of the artists you put forth on my Nyro station.  I just don't want anything besides lilting female vocalists on my Nyro station.  (As well as much more Nyro.) Your learning algorithms are a joke, song by song is useless-- I have to come running back to the computer to keep rejecting stuff, even though I've been trying to "improve" the station for weeks.

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i would love to be able to be able to make a radio into a playlist so that if yo uliked a song you started a radio of simila and then could convert that to a pl