Fixing Radio: Fine tuning songs (Hits, Variety or Discovery Mode)

Our radio has always been weird, you never know what songs it plays, and it always REPEATS THE SAME GOD darn SONG over the past hour.

It's time to fix it. 


If you've tried, or at least clicked into an app of a competing service, this is how it looks like:

image (1).jpg


You can kinda tune the station to WHAT YOU LIKE, for eg, Hits, Variety, or Discovery and the radio will adapt what you want to hear.


Here's another example (A not very solid example though):



As you may know, Echo Nest is now a Spotify company, anyway, this shows the radio where you can slide to whether artist only or discovery in general (This might not be a good example, as if I just wanted to listen to the artist, I would've just went into the artist page and click on Shuffle Play.)


Here's another example:



This is a relatively new music service, but if you've tried its radio, you wil find out that its really really spectacular. You can tell the service what is your mood and it plays songs based on that, but if that's not enough. It actually has brand new algorithms that is built just for this, I read somewhere that it even monitors your location, the songs you play in that location/event, the volume the song is playing and when you hit the radio mode, it will analyze all of this algorithms and play based on that.


So the radio needs improvements in its really bad algorithms and a fine tuning option.


PS: If you go the comments section of this idea, in page 2, @Macatron bought up a really good visual of a competing music service vs Spotify when using the radio, if you've time you should take a look and if possible share more of the problems that you face with Spotify Radio.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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100% behind this


I'm also FULLY behind his as well! The way radio currently "works" is absolutely terrible. Until they fix it, I'll just keep using the iOS app "SpotOn." It actually works how radio is supposed to. :D


Here's how Rhapsody's unRadio looks. From my experience using it, it's actually quite good. :)




Another great (free) alternative in the meantime is Jango. This service offers some of the best artist based radio stations I've had the pleasure of listening to. :)


Here's a great example of just HOW bad Spotify's radio "curation" is. This was supposed to be a radio station for symphonic metal. How in the world did Rick Ross and Kanye West and Nickelback make it in as "similar artists?!?" LOL!



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Rock Star 10

@Macatron First of all, nice to see another symphonic metal fan! Yes, I've run into some really interesting issues just like that on certain stations I've attempted. Makes no sense whatsoever haha.

@dinomight Hell yeah! It's one of my favorite metal genres! I got to do a meet and greet with Epica a couple of years ago, and it was really awesome to finally look upon Simone Simons in the flesh! SOOO hawt! :D
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Rock Star 10

Wow, that's awesome. Haven't gotten to see any of them in person, but yeah Simone's great!

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It's about time they do something about their radio. I have about 5 other radio apps I use over Spotify, and then when i hear songs that would fit in playlists and such, i get on Spotify and add them from there. It's a hastle but it's way better than listening to the awful radio on Spotify. 

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Wow just popped in to see this.. the rhapsody one is so cool!

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Here is what spotify should do asap with the radio feature to stop loosing clients:


- get rid of repetitions

- do not focus on most popuplar songs,be original - there is tons of great music that's not mainstream we'd love to listen to

- generally stay within the selected genre, but play a different song every once in a while

- allow to get off the main road if we keep "liking" songs that belong to a bit of a different genre

- be original... did I already say that?