Fixing Radio: Fine tuning songs (Hits, Variety or Discovery Mode)

Our radio has always been weird, you never know what songs it plays, and it always REPEATS THE SAME GOD darn SONG over the past hour.

It's time to fix it. 


If you've tried, or at least clicked into an app of a competing service, this is how it looks like:

image (1).jpg


You can kinda tune the station to WHAT YOU LIKE, for eg, Hits, Variety, or Discovery and the radio will adapt what you want to hear.


Here's another example (A not very solid example though):



As you may know, Echo Nest is now a Spotify company, anyway, this shows the radio where you can slide to whether artist only or discovery in general (This might not be a good example, as if I just wanted to listen to the artist, I would've just went into the artist page and click on Shuffle Play.)


Here's another example:



This is a relatively new music service, but if you've tried its radio, you wil find out that its really really spectacular. You can tell the service what is your mood and it plays songs based on that, but if that's not enough. It actually has brand new algorithms that is built just for this, I read somewhere that it even monitors your location, the songs you play in that location/event, the volume the song is playing and when you hit the radio mode, it will analyze all of this algorithms and play based on that.


So the radio needs improvements in its really bad algorithms and a fine tuning option.


PS: If you go the comments section of this idea, in page 2, @Macatron bought up a really good visual of a competing music service vs Spotify when using the radio, if you've time you should take a look and if possible share more of the problems that you face with Spotify Radio.

Updated on 2018-06-15


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I just want the thumbs up or thumbs down to work. I really really hate Daniel tosh and Dane cook showing up on my Eddie Izard radio after I thumb them both down and skip them everyone. I canceled my subscription seeing as this problem with the radio has been going for a couple years. I'm gonna go back to pandora cause their radio actually works.

Spotify should add a radio slider feature as it allows us to be so much more satisfied at the radio feature in which we can slide whether the songs I should hear on the radio ar old, older, oldest, or new, newer, and newest. And, if we like the songs to be repeated or not we should just slide to tell it how often. We can also just slide if we want to hear the same artist, or other artists, or if we want to hear the songs we've already heard or not.


I switched from Spotify to Rdio 1 year ago because Spotify's Radio was so bad. I just could not discover any new music anymore, I only switched back to Spotify now because Rdio has so many minor usability issues and Apple Music is so buggy.


I just discovered and already this is so much better then anything I have on Spotify to discover music (I simply enter an artist I like and it just plays good similar music I haven't heard a hundred times yet). I don't even need a fancy slider or something, just make Radio powered by Echo Nest.



Yes, this is the reason I have no premium account yet with Spotify, as this "radio" really sucks, and I do not like to listen to whole albums all the time. I like variety.

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Please do this! I need to be able to fine tune the radio. It is very important for people who are really into music discovery like I am. Currently using 3 different apps Spotify, YouTube Red (YouTube music) and Pandora. If would love it if I could drop Pandora because I pay for subscriptions to all 3! (i hate ads).
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I do not want to hear a song with in 2 hours of already hearing it. When I ask to listen to radio based on a band, I want to hear more than 5 bands and, again, I do not want to hear a song with in 2 hours of having already heard it. This is not rocket science. If you'd like to pay for me to learn coding, I will happily do it for you. Please do the thing. Please. Please?
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I've subscribed to Spotify to discover new music but I realise now that I will never discover new music with the crappy Spotify radio.


It always plays the same songs and the same bands over and over again, and even worse keeps playing the songs/artists I have thumbed down, I HATE THAT !!!


As a result I've started listening to Pandora Radio, and even though their catalog is not as important as yours, for me it feels quite the opposite as I can listen to a lot more (new) music that I could with Spotify, and I don't listen to the same songs again and again every 15mn.


Really the Spotify radio sucks ass, I can't understand it's never been fixed. But if you prefer that your listeners get fed up and try other services, your choice, your loss.

So I think to a Radio that started from a song, also ask to users:
- mood (love, dance, sing and so on)
- country (multiple choose)
- desire to discover new music or listen catchy songs
- a date range

Color background that changes according to mood and rhythm selected
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I can't believe Spotify hasn't improved the radio at all. Even Apple music has an option to turn on deeper tracks in the radio but Spotfiy radio still just plays the same few artists over and over. Guess I won't be giving them any money until they fix this feature.

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I was referred to these threads after suggesting Radio improvement options in an idea thread I started.  


It would have been better not to have because I see the same things being requested since 2012/2104 and no improvement and not on feature map.


Not good. Some of these threads have 400 Kudos or more.  This thread is four pages long and from 2014.


What is the point of the idea thread?