Folders and subfolders for saved albums, artists and songs lists

It would great to sort saved albums or artists into folders and subfolders, i.e. by mood or genre. It would also be helpful to separate those artists, albums, or songs that have been recommended to you, but you haven't listened to yet.  The folders and subfolders for playlists are awesome, but being able to make a folder of saved artists or albums would add a ton more functionality and convenience when organizing music and making new playlists.

Updated: 2016-05-05

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.


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Hi, thanks for the new nice album collection feature - I'd also like to add this function - to organize artists / albums by genre to different subfolders, like events in iPhoto. Eg. Progressive Rock folder could include artist / albums from King Crimson, Rush etc. Thanks!

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I'll third that request to have the ability to sort albums into smaller genres based on mood or artist


This is what I came here to suggest as well.  Wholeheartedly concur with this suggestion.  I think it'd be great to be able to create folders for the artists so I can organize them by genre.  Then allow us to "play" a folder.  I've used Songbird for years for my hard drive music, and the music sorting on that application is excellent.  I'd love to see something akin to that within Spotify.


On that note, I'd like to see this folder idea expanded upon to allow us to play multiple artists, genres, ect at once.  Creating tons of different playlists so you can play that combination of artists you want at the moment is a poor solution.

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brilliant idea, i just posted about it myself.  kudoes given

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I hope Spotify will listen to this brilliant idea! I miss this feature, every time i must scroll down and search for a specific mood album.

I hope they implant the same feature on iPhone and Android, where you can put apps into maps and give maps names.


Can't wait!


 I agree completely! I've been waiting for Spotify to implement folders within "Your Music" -> "Albums". It really does become unmanageable when you've got a lot of albums. Some kind of folder system is really needed here.


I prefer "Your Music" to Playlists because you can visually scan by looking at album covers, but when you'e got a lot of albums all in one batch, it gets messy.




The more my Spotify album collection grows the more I need this. 



Absolutely agree. This is the reason I registered for this community! Need this.



Needed on all devices.