Folders and subfolders for saved albums, artists and songs lists

It would great to sort saved albums or artists into folders and subfolders, i.e. by mood or genre. It would also be helpful to separate those artists, albums, or songs that have been recommended to you, but you haven't listened to yet.  The folders and subfolders for playlists are awesome, but being able to make a folder of saved artists or albums would add a ton more functionality and convenience when organizing music and making new playlists.

Updated: 2016-05-05

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.


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Casual Listener

Totally agree with everything here regarding album management ... Would love to see some that helps manage the multitude of albums within the ever growing list of 'Your Music'.


Really want this too... Surely a fairly simple update, and one which would GREATLY improve useabilty


... please though, can we have the ability to create our own folders - not jusy 'genre' etc. I'm sue I'm not the only one who would like to curate albums into quite specific groups of my own devising


Gig Goer

I just discovered playlist folders,and that is fantastic!


The next logical step is collection folders.  That would be great, and solve the problem of genres.  Organizing music would be dead easy with collection folders.  Please implement.


Sign me up for this one.... it's seems it should be a simple addition.  I'm kind of stunned it didn't happen at the same time as the playlist folder option.


I agree. We need this feature to sort albums and artists into folders within Your Music. As it is, it's much to difficult to browse by scrolling through a large collection. This is needed on all devices.




DO IT DO IT DOIT, PRETTY PLEASE SPOITFY! why not make give users the great feeling of being able to organize their library! Allowing us to create folders for anything would super.


another vote for this simple piece of functionality. i much prefer save entire albums than creating playlists. my album list is now so long that it has become diffcult for me to scroll through and find what i am looking for; i typically search for it. 


what i would really like is to sort my albums by my own genre classifications. would be fantastic!


can someone give us an update on when me might see this? thanks!


I agree. But want more than just the filters that are there now.  I want to be able to create, name and organize my own folders. Or even be able to create personalized tags that can be assigned to the albums for better filtering options. Thanks!


I'd love to see this. It's pretty much my only frustration with Spotify that I can't organise my favourite albums into folders.