Free Trial Without Credit Card Information!!

I and definitely all the other people who uses Spotify on a daily bases would love to get free trial for atleast 30 days without any credit card information. Also when it's the anniversary of Spotify you should give everybody a free trial of Spotify Premium for at least 2 months. Or at least can you make spotify available offline only for the phone. Please everyone would love that. And your ratings will grow. TRUST ME.

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I agree 400%

Me too!  Was sad to see credit card information required after following an ad that said "No strings."  What do strings look like if not requiring credit card info and leaving it to you to cancel after 30 days, hoping that you forget?  If they want to use the "strings" pun with a picture of a guitarist, they should do just what you suggest.  They could do it for just a limited amount of time if they're worried about people continuously creating new accounts to extend the trial.

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