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Removing the requirement for flash is a good start on the web player. Either connecting via my browser or using an application (I don't foresee this being difficult to compile for FreeBSD).  It's rather unfortunate to be paying for a service and not have it accessible on an open source product. :(.

Updated on 2020-06-08


Your idea has been submitted a while ago but it doesn't seem this will reach the votes necessary to put it forward for prioritization.  


As such, we're marking this case as closed. This includes any similar suggestions that are received, so please continue to add your votes and comments here if you still wish to support this idea.


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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. 😉



Not being able to use Spotify is one of the only reasons that I'm not using FBSD on my desktop. And yes, it's a pity to be paying for something that's not available on all platforms.


Spotify on FreeBSD ❤️


Absolutely needed.


Oh yes please.


I think all BSD family would be glad to have such software natively, even because every day the BSD systems are growing in number of desktop users. I'm not a BSD user right now, but would be really happy to see Spotify there! Hope this idea comes true!


I'd happily resubscribe to Spotify if they provided a FreeBSD client.


Oh yes! Please! 🙂

Is there any chance we are going to see Spotify for FreeBSD?


Why not just say "No" instead of giving it smileys and saying "Maybe... :)"