[Friends Feed] Like friends songs

It think it would be awesome to be able to like songs that people I am following are listening to. For instance in the activity feed on the side of the page. I feel like this would make spotify more social.

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Marked as new idea. This idea will focus on having some sort of "like button" to like friends' songs. 😉


A way to positivitly acknowledge a song I like that updates in the activity stream.  



Keep the function in spotify, I don't want to clutter my facebook up with likes or status updates. 

Allow the likes to tally in the activity streem, so I can see that other people like someone elese track. 


if newly play songs in the activity feed ( "John Doe Listend to, ___ ) were facebook status updates, then this new featue would be likes to that status update. 

Only containd within the activity feed of spotify, and not using facebook at all. 


I see the songs my firends play and would like a way to thumbs up or like the track. (not talking about star or add to playlist) 

Just want to kudo / tell them that I like that song too.

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andyh2- I've moved your post here since the idea has already been suggested. The picture must have been lost in the moving process - could you please post it here again? It summed up this idea here pretty nicely. 🙂


I agree, you could like the song as it shows up in your notifications to show them that you know that song and like it, or  that you checked it pout because of them and ended up likng it. Also add comments to share your favorite part or tell them you loved the song after listening to it for the first time.

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I was just looking at my feed and saw some great songs that my friends were listening to and I almost EXPECTED the ability "Like" or "Thumbs up" it. That's what social media has done to us. I would love this feature. It lets your friends know you're diggin' what they're listening to. Anything to get it to be more 'social'. As it stands, I don't see much reason for 'Following" someone, other than collaborative playlists. 




This is probably the feature I want most in spotify right now - it would make things so much more social!!


(until the last redesign that is...blargh...just bring back the old interface, I'm begging you)


This would add more of a purpose to following friends on Spotify. Right now, not a lot of my friends actually follow anyone. Most of the accounts I follow are artists.


I think it would make Spotify a lot more fun and is definatly something I would like to see happen soon. A simple thumbs up/ thumbs down button with a number of how many thumbs up/down it has next to the songs your friends are listening to would be awesome!

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Yeah it would be great to be able to like songs and have a social "hub" where you can see the songs that have received the most likes between your friends or the songs that have been listened to the most.


I would REALLY love to be able to comment on what my friends are listening to, which would make Spotify really interactive and social, but to simply be able to "like" the song would be an improvement!

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I agree with mrsbaconpants about being able to add a brief comment.     This could lead to someone replying with, "Thanks -- if you like this song, you'll probably like ____."      You could do this through facebook messages--and I have--but to do it within Spotify would be nice.


As for "liking" things that you queue up from people you follow, there are two issues related to that:   (1)    Songs are sent to your queue in many cases, so you might not hear the song till hours or days after the user played it.     (2)   The queue doesn't keep track of who you got a song from.     That would need to change if you were to thank the person.     Also, if I like a song, I try to find out who played it, because it makes me wonder if perhaps I should be following their playlists.     That's another reason to keep track of who you got a song from.


Still, I like the idea.     It feels strange on a social app not to be able to just give someone a thumbs up for a song they played.