GM Mylink App integration (GM, Holden, GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Opel)

Since GM are now accepting developers app ideas and builds for their Mylink/Intellilink in car entertainment system, it would be a great idea to get a spotify app on the systems.

Maybe just a basic radio app with thumbs up/down and very basic song/playlist search capabilities.


Api's for the system are avaiable at


This could be a great advertisement for Spotify as the app is always listed on the car's entertainment options screen even if the car owner doesn't use it.

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Having Spotify in-dash would be awesome. I know a few people who would become immediate premium Spotify subscribers if Spotify was available in-dash through MyLink.


This wold be most shibby.    I hate Pandora, and yet their application is everywhere.   IMO, this shouldn't need Kudos to become a thing.  You should be able to crank this out in 3-6 months. 


I am a Spotify Premium subscriber and I'm looking for a new car. I would love it if Spotify could interface with MyLink for Chevy.  (I'm a developer, I would love to help make this happen.)


I have a Chevy MyLink system and am also a Premium Spotify Subscriber.  I would appreciate this feature highly, as the tune-in, pandora, and stitcher integrations are already top notch.


I drive a Chevrolet Volt and am also a Premium Spotify Subscriber.  On my Volt, I sometimes use the Pandora App just because I can easily switch between Playlists.  It would be awesome to have a Spotify app on MyLink so I can stop using Pandora while I'm driving.


This would be great.

I am a Premium Spotify Subscriber and I will get my Chevrolet car in a few weeks.


I would definitely come back to Spotify Premium if it were available in 2014 Chevy Spark. 


Please incorporate Spotify into Mylink !! 


Me gustaría que Spotify  sea una app que se pueda consumir desde Mylink