GUI Niceness and Functionality

Good direction with the visuals, but navigating pages is very clunky.

  • Unicolor background makes it difficult to follow my own scrolling, smooth scrolling and alternating row colors (used to have this) would remedy this.
  • Massive (unadjustable) spacing between items created some ill side effects for the navigation list. I shouldn't need to scroll all the way down it to find my playlists, even on a 1080p display. This is sort of an issue with all rows really, good for touch screens but it needs to be adjustable.
  • Button highlighting is too subtle, it lacks oomph and responsiveness.
  • Title text may be too light (or my cleartype is borked, either way something is up and deserves investigation).
  • Not enough spacing under menu bar, or search bar too big. At a glance, it looks like the menu bar items are in contact with the search bar, which isn't the case. I blame contrast for this one.
  • Settings menu's sliders have too low contrast, the background almost blends in. That said, the section backgrounds are too highly contrasted against the back-most color I think.
  • The Windows text fields in settings have some positioning weirdness when scrolling. Additionally, the standard windows menu lists don't fit the new GUI at all.
  • The plus/checkmark next to songs isn't clear at all. With some playing around I realized it was the old star, but even knowing what that should have been it confused me. This is a problem.
  • A bug: Clicking the filter box will create a white standard windows text box, and it won't ever go away or revert back to the nice GUI.


Most people might want a lighter theme, adding switchable themes and recoloring things to be gray/white would work to that extent.


+1s for all the neat improvements, it needs some tweaking to be comfortable though.


First of all, thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately this idea here contains more than 1 request and/or general feedback which makes it impossible for the Spotify staff to manage the received kudos / give it a proper ideas status. The ideas exchange is here to request a single feature per topic that people can vote on via kudos. If you want to start a general discussion, that's cool! But then please create a topic in the respective help section for that. ;)


Also, please have a read at the ideas submission guidelines on what to consider when posting an idea. The most important things are to post only 1 idea per topic and to use the SEARCH function, since most ideas are already out there in the ideas forum.


You might want to check out some popular idea examples of the new "Your Music" feature and the new dark UI.

More information and a place for feedback about those 2 new aspects of Spotify can be found here. ;)


Your Music:

- Bringing Back Starred Playlist System

- Bring back the library

- Ability to make Your Music offline

- many more using the Search function


New Black UI:

- Add an option to switch to the old UI

- Less Space between Lines

- Zoom options to change the size of all elements

- again, more to find via search


Thanks again!

Status: Case Closed

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