Get back the search option for offline mode (mobile app)

"Search is not available while you're offline." It would be nice to have the option to search for the songs you have offline.  I found it very useful sometimes to just search for the band/artist I wanted to here right right then and there. Having over 3000 offline songs on my playlists it's to much work making a playlist for every artist I listen to. It also gives me the oppertunity to only listen to the songs I have personaly chosen for my playlist(s) and in a way play my personal "best of" from them. It worked fine before so why take it away?


- Kjetil

Updated: 2015-11-17

This should work again. If you still have problems with searching in offline modus, please let us know in the respective help forum. Thanks!

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Hey! Just to make sure, you're refering to the mobile apps?

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Yes. The app for iPhone, but I guess it's the same with Android etc.

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Status changed to: New Idea

Marked as new idea and added "(mobile app)" in the title to make it clear and easier to find via search. ;)
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Oh my god, please put this feature back on the mobile app, this is annoying as hell.

I listen to all my music on my iPod and I can't search for a song on my playlist while offline, how am I supposed to look for a song through an 81 hour playlist?

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Please get this function back, I know Spotify is focused on iPhone and smartphone users that constantly have an internet connection, but the iPod Touch (for example) only has WiFi, so I can't search for songs when I'm out and about. Also, this feature would be of use to smartphone users when they don't have a data connection (airplane, subway, visiting new country etc.). Lastly, it's a great feature when you (like me) have used Spotify for many years and have built an extensive library, because it let's you quickly find what you want instead of having to filter through hundreds of playlists.

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In reply to SobiborTrelinka, both iOS and Android let you filter when you're inside your playlists. Just scroll to the top of your playlist and search for whatever is in your playlist. I do hope they add an offline search that extends through all playlists though.


Missing this feature very much as well !!

Pl. enrich with a cross search function: Songs, Artists, Albums.



Just cancelled my subscription to Spotify due to this problem


I often work in areas of the UK where I can't get an internet connection, so I can't search my playlists for songs?


Unless Spotify have a very good reason for doing this they should reinstate the search offline facility.


Maybe if enough of us cancel subscriptions we will ge the facility back?


Come on Spotify, just switch the search offline facility back on!


I have just upgraded to premium to see how I get on, this (along with a few others) is a major drawback in the app design. How can you design  an app to allow users to download over 3,000 tracks - but provide no search facility?!


This is one reason why I'll cancel after my trial period.




It seems like this is now implemented in version 1.3.0 on iOS-version of the Spotify-app.