Go back to the old Friends Feed

The newest update that changes the activity of your friends (2/27/15) is hard to tell the song that they are listening to, and only shows the current song. I much prefer being able to see the full song name, artist, and cover art. I also like seeing all the songs they are playing instead of just the current one.

Updated on 2018-06-16


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Gig Goer

Fully agree with this. I've been using Spotify all day and it's been crazy annoying to me to only see what my friends are listening to at the moment or what their last song was, if they stop playing. I much preferred the option of seeing a running list of the music being played. 


If anything there should be an option to go back to the more detailed activity feed. 


Also, on a side note, the font size is extremely small and it's hard to even read what they're playing. 


Agreed.  Replacing the album art with a larger photo of my "friend", along with smaller font size, makes it really difficult to know what they're listening to.  With the update, all I can tell is that my friends are playing music, but its really hard to know what they're playing, which sort of defeats the purpose of the feed.

Casual Listener

 Agreed, go back to the old friend feed.

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This idea suggests the complete removal of the new Activity feed.

Another suggestion, asking for the ability to change between the old and new Activity Feeds at will, was made here: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Ideas/Desktop-Make-moving-back-to-the-old-activity-feed-an-...


I posted in the other thread regarding the option to switch between activity feed styles, but I'm gonna kudos this as well. New activity feed was two steps forward, three steps back.

Casual Listener

Absolutely.  I only started posting to these boards to protest this change.  It's the worst update Spotify has ever made. 


Casual Listener

Agreed ... the new activity feed is horrible.  It totally defeats the purpose of an activity feed as it now shows me friends who never listen to anything.  Wasted space.  Please switch back ASAP.


...yeah, I logged into this community space only to express my dislike for the activity feed update. It was so useful to see the covers of the albums my friends were listening to; I don't need to see a list of all their profile pictures.

The power of the social feed was the ability to quickly see what others were listening to and (if I'm curious) drag the song into my queue. I agree with others on this thread that having (or trying) to read the cramped font instead of relying on the instant recognizability of an album cover kind of defeats the purpose. Switching between activity feed versions would be fine, I suppose. Anyway, I can go to Facebook or something if I want to look at my friends' smiling faces.

This is really the only update I've seen from Spotify that I couldn't quickly adjust to with a shrug. It seems like a step in the wrong direction. Don't spend your resources trying to build a lush social network; there are plenty of those. Do what you do best: make the music listenin' nice and easy... 🙂


Came here to say the same thing. The new activity feed completely removes one of the biggest features of spotify for me. I loved being able to see what people had been listening to, It was the best source of new music discovery for me. I agree the new activity feed is a HUGE step backwards