Go back to the old activity feed

The new activity feed is terrible, bring back the old one that shows what all my friends are listening too.


Hey everyone. Recently we announced an update to our Desktop app which includes a new Friend Feed. Simply scroll down the sidebar to see what playlists, songs and artists your friends are enjoying.


If you have any further feedback about this feed, please see if these current ideas fit the features you'd like to see. If not, feel free to create your own with the tag [Friend feed] in the title:


Activity Feed: Album Cover instead of Friend's Profile Pic

Activity Feed: Button to show more of a user's recent activity


Casual Listener

Totally agree! - the latest update is a retrograde step! I'm a Premium subscriber and I loved it when I could see what my friends were listening to live in the activity pane. Please let's have this back - much more useful than having meaningless suggestions to follow celebrities/artists that I'm not iterested in!

Community Legend

I guess you can't please everyone. 

I actually think it is a step forward, at least now I only see what people I follow are listening to, and not all of my Facebook friends most of which have awful taste in music in my opinion 😛 

Maybe there should just be an option to "show all"? 




Go back. I have premium as well. One of the things I liked was seeing what everyone was listening to. I don't want to go and select people I want to "follow". It's rediculous. I get their trying to make it more social media - ish. But it's completely unecessary.






The fact that it was so simple and easy to share music, giving it and receiving it almost unintentionally.  


I've found countless artists ( some now my favorite ) through listening to what other people have been, but I would never have found these if the social element wasn't as open as it was. 




I can see why some people wouldn't want everyone to see what they're listening too, and perhaps that's why it's been removed but you could prevent people seeing that by the click of two buttons and appearing offline. 

Replacing it with suggestions to follow artists I hate is just rubbing it in as well. 


Whoever came up with the idea to rob us of this is literally worst than Hitler. 


Augh this new feed is total garbage and I was forced to turn it off. I do not care what the million people whose playlists I have subscribed to are playing now!


I agree with everyone else. The older verison of Spotify was so much easier to navigate. Yes, new things take time to adapt to, but this isn't as visually efficient either. I really enjoied seeing what songs my friends (linked thought facebook) were listening to on the right sidebar while I was listening to my own music. I lso really enjoyed how you could directally star most popular tracks when under a certain artist without having to right click like we have to now. Lastly, i enjoyed the grey/darkscale theme that all of spotify contained. This new white is not working. An alternative to fix this would be to allow the user to control the color of their theme! Thanks Spotify!!

Casual Listener

I don't have much use of seeing what my friends listen to, because we don't share music taste, but I agree that the new one is pretty bad. I think it's a good thing that you can follow what you want to get more information that suits your taste, but I also want the possibility to see what my friends are listening to.


I wish they could make it more interactive, it has always been fairly uninteresting. It would be nice to get addons there. Addon in top half and friends plays on in bottom half, or a tab to swap between the two (or more?).


I for one am NOT following anyone! I'm not a sheep, I have friends not followers it's embarrassing!! and whoever thought it was a good idea is an idiot.


I'm back for reverting back. I don;t have time to add 100s of frineds one by one, and the artists i listen to don;t use spotify so that's a waste. Roll it back please!


Please give me the old Activity Feed!!!

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