Go back to the old activity feed

The new activity feed is terrible, bring back the old one that shows what all my friends are listening too.


Hey everyone. Recently we announced an update to our Desktop app which includes a new Friend Feed. Simply scroll down the sidebar to see what playlists, songs and artists your friends are enjoying.


If you have any further feedback about this feed, please see if these current ideas fit the features you'd like to see. If not, feel free to create your own with the tag [Friend feed] in the title:


Activity Feed: Album Cover instead of Friend's Profile Pic

Activity Feed: Button to show more of a user's recent activity



Absolutely go back to the friend feed. I can't even add people as stated in other forum comments.  When I click on the follower tab, it's empty and there is no way for me to add them back. I'm with other users, I'm not going to go back and add everyone back, I don't have time for that. I get that I don't pay for the service but your product is lacking and that won't be good in the long run for your paying customers either. I may go back to Grooveshark as well, sigh!


Go back!!!


I like seeing what my FEW REAL friends are listening to, AND the "share a track" (NOT on Facebook) was one of the main things for me and my bandmates.


The "follow" idea is revolting to be honest.


Im a PAYING customer and has been for a long time.


I am a premium subscriber and used the automatic Friends feed constantly to keep a pulse on what my friends were listening to. I agree with many people here that I am not willing to sift through all my hundreds of Facebook friends to click the "Follow" button. As an aside I cannot even find the interface to do this. Such a shame to remove such a great feature.


i agree. i don't want to follow anyone. GO BACK!!


This need activity is bulls** I'm not going to follow by hand every single of my friends!  It was perfect before!! Put back the old activity feed! 


I agree, I'd like to be able to see what my friends are listening to without having to "follow" them. If it's someone who's music I'd like to see more of, then adding them as a favorite works for me, but I don't want to have to follow everyone to see if they're listening to something I haven't heard before.


I really loved the old act. feed. It made the Spotify feel alive. There should be an option in the settings menu for us who want the old one back. Det tycker jag i alla fall. Det kan väl ändå inte skada någon.


This new Activity bar is totally unnecessary. The old version was great because you can view what some of your friends on facebook are listening to without having to follow them. Spotify now is basically forcing us to follow people if we want any activity from friends in the right panel. Looking at my friends on spotify, they are only following bands and very rarely following people. I'm pretty sure more spotify users enjoyed the feature of Friends Live Activity then the way it is now. GO BACK TO THE OTHER VERSION OR GIVE US OPTIONS TO CHOOSE


New Activity Feed is lame! I want to see what friends are listening too.


Seeing what my friends were listening to was the most fun part of spotify! Give us the option of seeing what our friends are up to without having to follow them. Come on!

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