Go back to the old activity feed

The new activity feed is terrible, bring back the old one that shows what all my friends are listening too.


Hey everyone. Recently we announced an update to our Desktop app which includes a new Friend Feed. Simply scroll down the sidebar to see what playlists, songs and artists your friends are enjoying.


If you have any further feedback about this feed, please see if these current ideas fit the features you'd like to see. If not, feel free to create your own with the tag [Friend feed] in the title:


Activity Feed: Album Cover instead of Friend's Profile Pic

Activity Feed: Button to show more of a user's recent activity


This is the first time I write on this forum just to say that I want the old news feed back. It was one of my favorite feature..

Cannot possibly agree more. The old activity feed NEEDS to come back -- it was, frankly, the coolest feature of the desktop client. It enabled me to discover new music from facebook friends that I might not be close enough to actually "follow".


Please, please bring the old activity feed back -- or at least offer it as an option!

Casual Listener

I do not like the New Activity Bar/Following Bar as well. I think one of the major plus' with Spotify is to SHARE songs with friends and it was great when the People List on the right side was there because I could just drag a song to their name and send it to them. The only way now is to click the share button and then you have to type in their name.

I would bring back the People list as soon as possible!

A better idea would be to have the People list on the side and then have the ablity to have groups that you could just drag the song to. Because personally I usally send a song to a group of people not just one person.

Also in the Inbox is there was a way to see our songs that we send out and to whom. So an OUTGOING BOX. This would be nice.


If anyone knows of a way to fix this issue to put the people bar back on the side please let me know. If there isnt a way to fix this then Spotify you guys need to bring this back. I know I'm not the only person that wants this back. 


And if there is another post that this should be on let me know.


Bring Back the PEOPLE BAR!!!!!

Casual Listener

+1. This new feed is awful. Bring back the old one.


If Facebook would make the same steps as Spotify, it would be the end of this social network- I'd think about it considering Spotify's permanent struggle for becoming a profitable enterprise. But I guess for some people who want to hide their music choices finding "private session" button might be difficult. It appears what users like, and company's policy, are two different things


I think it's important to "change something with the ability to let users change it like they prefer" not make this like "The way Spotify thinks everybody thinks and so it's gonna be!".




Have the old design and add the new and let people choose.


The New interface in the right panel is too spaced, there are to many links and to big album covers.


Roll back roll back...


This is sad implementation and obviously not fully think through


Not social at all. That was the main reason why I listened to Spotify. I'm sorry to say this but that was a big deal, you just killed the entire software ..and one more thing the profile-design SUCKS. I want the cozy look back not the friggin flashlight in my eyes!!!


Is there any way we can get an old version of Spotify to install while this 'feature' is fixed?


Currently on my 'Activity' bar I have one person who has listened to one song. Previously I chose my music based on what other people were listening to, what sounded interesting, what looked popular etc. Now I have one song there. It's great that Iron Maiden created a playlist a couple of weeks ago, but that's the only other thing in the 'activity' feed. Bear in mind that I 'follow' 22 artists (though how this happened i'll never know).


Now in all honesty I don't like change, but this is different. This could work so well. Why not keep the OLD system (where you saw everyone by default) but then had a "Following" tab? I just don't see the logic in pissing off the majority of people. This is probably going to be put down to early-adoption rage, and resistance to change, but this truly is a terrible idea. I've given it a chance, i've decided I don't like it and I don't want to have to go back to Grooveshark....


Please fix it.


Im sorry but the new spotify is terrrrible in comparison to what it was. I don't even know why how or when my spotify updated itself, which I also really really do not appreciate. This new one freezes my computer, does not allow me to drag songs to playlists, and even more downgrade situations. I WANNA SHARE MUSIC WITH MY FRIENDS UNINTENTIONALLY AND SEE WHAT THEY ARE PLAYING, TOO. I'd at least appreciate the option to go back to the original. this sucks. spotify was the boooomb. too good to be true i guess.


Please allow us to revert. Over 500 of my friends use Spotify  and I'm not too keen on picking out all of them because Spotify doesn't give us any other option.

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