Go back to the old library layout!

I just upgraded to Spotify Linux (preview?) and I really don't like the new white/gray layout! I liked the old (dark) layout. The new one has poor visibility and navigation. It's not very natural and it's hard to get around.


I don't know how much my vote counts here, but I liked the older library/tracklist layout much more.

This idea has already been suggested here:

Let's keep the discussion about the new layout at 1 idea topic! Posts/Kudos will be merged soon! ;)

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I agree. I actually created an account on these forums so I could add my support to this idea. The light UI is definitely not easy on the eyes, and I would definitely favor the option to use the dark theme based on preference.


This is way too harsh of on the eyes since I use it on an ambient monitor. Unfortunately, if the light UI is here for good, I'm going to have to use another music service. It's that big of a deal!