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I would love to be able to augment the normal phrase so it automatically shuffles the playlist, artists and all. I am tired of wanting to hear something and always hearing the same song first til I make it shuffle and then skip that song. 

Edit: This idea has been reposted here.

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Agreed. I was surprised this wasnt already there. 






 Yes, please! Also, has anyone else noticed that once the Home is shuffling the playlist, it seems to always shuffle it in the same way, and thus not really be shuffled? Not sure if this is an issue with Spotify Connect or Google Home.


Yeah, I get the same issue with the shuffle - it frequently 'shuffles' in the same order, but I think this is common to spotify in general, not just Google Home.  I've seen it mentioned before; Spotify's response seems to be that it really is random and people are just seeing patterns where there are none, but I'm pretty sure this isn't the case.


Not sure if this is still a problem for people, but I've found the command "Shuffle my [playlist] playlist" works right off the bat.

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This seemed to have been added now. When I set this up it did not exist

Yes! It is absolutely essential to have the option to start a playlist on shuffle! I've grown to hate the first songs on each of my playlists because I hear them too often due to this lack of functionality!


Yes, please make this functionality! It is so annoying that I can't just say Okay Google "Shuffle Playlist <playlist>" instead of hearing the first song every single time. 

This has been fixed! Google home now accepts "Hey Google, shuffle

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