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We just need a simple update to the already existing Android app to make it available for Google TV. That's all, I just want Spotify on Google TV...tired of having to use Pandora or others on my Google TV.

Updated on 2018-02-07

Hi folks, we're marking this as Case Closed since Google TV is a discontinued platform. For more information on using Spotify on your TV please click here:


For those of you hoping that the new Spotify Web Player Beta will work with Google TV, I am here to tell you that as of right now, it doesn't. Bummer.  😞


Like Traderofkind, I have confirmed that the web version does not work in GTV. I just get a "Connecting to Spotify..." message. So sad! GTV version please Spotify?

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With this link

I almost got there, but then it wants me to install adobe flash and though adobe clearly sees that that is madness, as flash is neatly incorporated in the chrome browser, the Spotify developers are apparently not aware  of this fact. Maybe they will once find out and change the code.


Any update on this? Would love to have spotify on google tv. Please make it happen!


Was able to change the user agent on chrome to standard chrome and then get access to the web player via the link provided on LifeHacker but it is frozen on the "connecting to spotify" message.  Anyone know what is going on here and how to work around it?


has anyone else stumbled upon this.....?


this has been a decent alternative in the mean time.

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yes thats a must have 😄
And it is easy to develop, like said in the idea only update the android one.


It's really frustrating to see a spotify app come out for ROKU last month and Google TV still being ignored.


Spotify, please show some professional courtesy to your customers and kindly respond to this thread.  Even if it's only to acknowledge that you are aware of your user community and acknowledge their requests.


I'm a premium subscriber and love your service, selection and streaming sound quality.  I wholeheartedly support any effort to get Spotify on my Google TV devices.


I recently bought a Google TV device to replace the old PC I was using to watch on demand TV, Netflix and listen to music on Spotify. It's unfortunate to see that there's no way to use Spotify with no app and the web player doesn't work (just gives a  'Connecting' message forever).


I don't want to cancel my Premium membership but may have to change to a service that supports my device which I don't really want to do beause I do prefer Spotify to other similar services.


Come on, lets see an app or fix for the web player - anything!


I don't care if you just release a beta unsupported version of the app or if I have to use a  web based version. I'm sure it can't be too hard to update the existing android app - a previous commenter said that it's only one line of code that needs updating! How can that take so long?


It's a shame to see that Spotify don't think we even deserve an answer to this.


I'm guessing it's not a technical issue.  More of a content streaming rights issue.  For instance, Hulu deliberately blocks GoogleTV, along with a lot of premium content providers such as NBC, CBS, etc.  The blocking is because Google has not paid sufficient tribute and has not jumped through enough hoops to secure the content streamed to their devices via appropriate DRM.  


It may be the same with Spotify content management.  The owners of the rights to distribute the content simply do not want to allow it on google tv devices until google does whatever they feel is lacking in securing the DRM.


Ultimately, if you want "forbidden" content on the googletv browser, you'll have to root your device and find a way to change the flash id on your browser plugin.