Green "checks"

Given that the "your music" section has functionally replaced starring, once I got used to it and everything started working right, it's not that bad. My suggestion is that once you hit the "plus" button on a song and it turns into the "check mark", just make the check mark green so it's easier to tell apart which songs are checked and which are not, much in the same way that when you "starred" a song, there was a bright gold star next to it so it was easy to tell which songs were starred and which were not. Green would be easy to see against the dark grey background and would match spotify's color scheme.

Updated on 2017-05-31


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This would go a long way to making the functionality of My Music better resemble that of starring. Yes please.

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Yes something like that. My own suggestion was to darken the plus so the check stood out more.

Or hey, why not make the check yellow and star-shaped? 🙂

..and instead of a plus for "unchecked", a darkened-out check (or star)? Can't get much simpler or intuitive than that...


This has to happen if I am going to continue my premium subscription. I think the stars were the best function in Spotify, now a lot of the features are missing or on its way to be re-implemented. Hopefully this will be solved.


Yes, please put some color in those check marks! They're so hard to visually distinguish right now. It was a vital feature of the stars that has now been lost, and it would be really easy to fix. Do it! Do it! Do it!

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This is absolutely vital. If I was the guy who designed the crappy tiny ticks, I'd be worried about my job.

how is this a new idea?!?!?!


just bring back the starring as a functional feature that works as it did alongside the new my music library, we arent asking for a new feature! we can get used to the new method we just want stars back... 


guys, anyone reading this, please give kudos to the idea in the link. cheers





I´m not sure green is the best colour for us colour blind, since we´re normally green/red colour blind. Yellow is the easiest colour for the eye to spot.

Woot, halfway there! Not sure we have enough momentum to make it to 100 kudos at this rate, though...